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Serve Your Employees With a Better Infrastructure Importance of the infrastructure in reducing stress and boosting the productivity

By Prerna Singh

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For Employees, the office is the place where they spend most of the time of their lives. Nine to eight hours of the day in those four-walled infrastructures. It is time to focus on the biggest asset of the company that is the workforce which is most affected by the infrastructure of the office. Offices of the companies like Google and Facebook have given high hopes to the job seekers for having a lavish life at the workplace. However, it is not entirely hoaxed. The infrastructural designing has now stepped into another level.

Start-ups have begun focusing on needs and requirements of the workforce. With the aesthetic designing, they are also paying attention to the effects of the infrastructure on their employees. Working in an organisation having dull colours, with no creative themes can make your workforce less productive. Many start-ups have started installing comfortable stuff, which is more employee-friendly instead of those traditional cubicles.

Entrepreneur India approached both, the makers and the seekers of the infrastructure and asked them about the importance of having a good infrastructure.

Jai Dhar Gupta, Founder, Nirvana Being believes that workplace functions like the central nervous system of the body and the basic function of it is to drive the workflow and information. It cannot always be smooth, friendly and high quality but the interruptions in the infrastructure can affect the morale and delivery of work. He said, "Infrastructure can be translated into good working conditions and can be a motivational factor for people to enjoy their work, and help stimulate ideas and creativity."


The workplace should not only be pleasing to the eyes but it should also be pleasing to the mental health of the employees. Sanjeev Chopra, CEO, Electropreneur Park marked a few points for the benefits of having a good infrastructure in the office.

1. It will help your employees to boost their productivity

2. It will make your business more profitable

3. It will increase peace and tranquillity at the workplace

4. It will reduce the stress

5. It will make your employees work hard.

This will surely wipe off the Monday blues of the employees making the office a happy place to work.

Psychological Effects-

When asked about the psychological effects of infrastructure Ashish Sain, Campus Mentor, Qunatega Technologies Pvt Ltd. stated the following key points:

• Provisioning of Natural light is necessary , need to have some enclosed spaces, which can help to achieve the results

• Glass to be used where there are no privacy concerns, as more interaction among the employees will help them collaborate more.

• Visually appealing spaces need to be created either by use of colour themes, wallpapers or artwork.

• Better connectivity to outside environment, so that employees can utilize their breaks in a different environment

You can feel the difference once you keep these points in your mind while designing your office, resulting in increasing the productivity of the employees.

Stress Management-

With daily deadlines and pressure, employees require an effective infrastructure to de-stress themselves. Infrastructure should be designed in such a way that it would help them in reducing the work stress.

Explaining about Ergonomics, Pooja Duggal, Founder and CEO, Health Hunt says that the basic principle of ergonomics is to design your surroundings in such a manner that it is inclusive of everyone's needs - Chairs that support the back and encourage people to sit up straight, stimulates creativity, doesn't strain the eyes, and boosts happiness by promoting team interactions. She pinpoints the details of the office that even arrangement of the chairs and desks in an office should aim at claiming an ambience that induces positive feelings. "Believe it or not, directly or indirectly, cluttered workstations are often the reason behind high absenteeism and low morale at offices", she said.

The infrastructure of the workspace can play a major role in reducing stress and maintaining the health of the employees. Investing in the infrastructural design can help you in satisfying your biggest asset of the company, your employees.

Prerna Singh

Editorial Intern


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