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Most Common Things People Lie About on Their Resume Entrepreneurs should stay cautious and identify the lies mentioned on the candidate's resume

By Rahul Belwalkar

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When hiring professionals, a company relies on the information provided on the applicant's resume to decide whether the candidate is apt for the job vacancy. However, in today's rapidly developing employment market, job seekers are tempted to fake information on their resumes for several reasons. Even in a market that favours job seekers, the fear of losing out on an opportunity urges them to falsify information in their CVs.

The recent Future of Jobs report commissioned jointly by FICCI-NASSCOM with EY suggests that 37 per cent of the Indian workforce will be employed with new job roles by 2022. Additionally, the report states that 9 per cent of India's 600 million estimated workforce would be deployed in new jobs that do not exist as of today. With this change on the horizon, it is imperative that employers stay aware of the number of discrepancies that will rise along with new employment. It is also necessary to stay cautious and identify the lies mentioned on the candidate's resumes.

To match up the growing employment in various sectors, it is important that employers are aware of resume lies. Some of the more popular lies on a resume include:


Many candidates have submitted resumes that are embellished with false academic credentials, incorrect information or fake data. They decorate and furnish resumes with fabricated data or make up a degree only to helpthe resume look more impressive.

If you harbour doubts against a candidate for viable reasons, either check their information against the right database or give them a second chance to explain themselves. But most employers will view a lie on the candidate's resume as a reflection of his trustworthiness and character. Look out for false information pertaining to degrees, educational institutions, time frames, and any other educative matter compiled on the resume.

Employment Dates

A considerable number of candidates have altered their employment dates or covered gaps in their resume to increase their total work experience, in the hopes of securing employment. However masking the actual information with inaccurate data is not an honest move. Sift through candidates to search for honest employees to hire in your company.

Salary Inflations

With salaries as well, there are those candidates that will display a flowery figure when asked for their salary amount. Little do they realise that forging salary slips will not help as background checking companies can verify this information against their databases.

Job Title

Desperate job seekers often lie on their resume about their previous designation in order to secure a higher designation in their new job. Doing a background check will go a long way in saving you from a bad hire.

Criminal History

This is the most important aspect of a background screening that employers look out for. Many employers check various databases for involvement in cases, judicial processes, registered FIRs, and more. To add to this, larger databases are scoured for news reports, fraud, drug cases, political sensitivity, and more which are certain to reduce the chances of employment.

Employee screening is a detailed process that verifies information on a candidate's resume including educational, employment, criminal, and personal records. Comprehensive background screening is the need of the hour and ensures that such dishonest resumes can no longer threaten the credibility of your company.

Rahul Belwalkar

CEO, SecUR Credentials

Rahul Belwalkar is the Chief Executive Officer of SecUR Credentials Pvt Ltd. He leads the company with the strategic vision of making it one of the largest due diligence practices in the Asia Pacific region.

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