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Making Strides In the World Of Fintech: A Modern-day Tech Entrepreneur Duc Trinh is the CEO of Fight of the Ages and is driven to offer people immersive experiences in the metaverse with the said gaming project

By Shishir Jajoo

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To have a vision or idea towards the industry is one thing; to try and make efforts around it is another thing, but to make every possible effort, grind each day and make sure to cross boundaries to help people gain a different experience through what one creates is the other thing altogether. To belong to the latter category, entrepreneurs and professionals first need to touch the right nerve of the audience they wish to cater to and then work around varied ideas and aspects to transform their ideas and bring them to fruition. All of this sounds so easy, but when it comes to implementing the same, only a handful of entrepreneurs and businesses make waves with all they develop and create. Amidst the growth of the fintech world, how could we not mention the evident rise of Duc Trinh (Grey), who, with Fight of the Ages (FOTA), the metaverse gaming project, for which he serves as the CEO, has taken the GameFi niche to much greater heights so far?

First of all, creating something like Fight of Ages in itself is a considerable achievement, for it has been created by integrating with Microsoft Mesh (MR) technology. $FOTA is an AAA metaverse gaming project that comes under MOBA-RPG's hybrid, a "multi-player online battle arena – role-playing game.' It has been powered by Hobbit Investment, where Duc Trinh is a strategic investor. The metaverse project thrives on Heroes that enter into the FOTA metaverse, a 3D space, where players get the chance to become unique heroes to start their journey and also get their powers, mission and story.

Hobbit venture investment has been empowering innovation in the vast and ever-evolving fintech industry and was established to broaden its portfolio in the blockchain and the crypto world. The team at Hobbit Investment is driven to integrate practical advantages of the expertise in the blockchain and crypto field into different projects' methods of operations and development, making them sustainable and adaptable despite any market volatility.

Coming back to FOTA, the video game company has been on the rise and how. It is a universe in the metaverse, consisting of Heroes, Worlds, Items, and Lands. Players can enjoy the game in the metaverse, where the real will meet the virtual and experience an enthralling 3D game. In contrast, FOTA players will also be able to role-play and make their characters exclusively theirs in this fantasy world. Finely integrated with the MOBA-RPG genre, players can interact in real-time with their teammates in the exciting FOTA metaverse powered by Mixed Reality from Microsoft. Highlighting the "Worlds" of FOTA, Duc Trinh says that many worlds are to be explored, but the battle for the Aether takes place on three worlds in the Unity Saga, Greenland, The Earth, and The Nightmare.

Also, players' items in the FOTA metaverse are protected with NFTs, which include weapons, skin, and equipment, which can be easily exchanged, rented, and sold for making The Heroes mighty warriors or wealthy collectors.


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