Seven Learnings to Abide by in a Start-up Industry It's conviction towards what we do that makes us the master of the trade, let's explore the key factors that can make one successful

By Manish Kawlra

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We live in an age where millions of ideas lead to various start-up ventures. But what are the factors which will ensure the success of your start-up?

Start-ups are a risky business, but at the same time, it can also be an exciting journey. Working in a start-up, for instance, gives individuals the freedom to grow at their own pace, opportunity to take up tasks from different functions, a chance to share and implement inputs, overcome unexpected hindrance, and learn from their success or failure. Starting a new project brings with it perceived and unseen challenges.

Unwavering belief in the concept of the start-up 

It is essential that the Founders themselves have the conviction that their idea will work come what may. Regardless of the obstacles they face, they will strive and make it work. When it comes to start-ups belief is extremely important. It is necessary for a start-up business to constantly put in an effort into their idea. At the same time, they have to work towards their goal in order to achieve success.

Keep an eye on the timing 

Timing is everything! Get the timing right & don't take forever to launch the idea, product or service because that would increase costs without any revenue. As a start-up, you might be hesitant or unsure about a particular time to launch your idea. But remember there is no time like the present.

Set achieve-able milestones 

The idea of a start-up is exciting and can lead you to go a bit overboard. But you need to be realistic about setting targets & goals. Before launching your plan make a clear roadmap on how to achieve these within a given timeline.

Competent human resources 

One of the biggest assets a start-up can have is its team. Your company is as good as the people who represent it. Therefore, a founder must ensure (s)he builds a skilled team with individuals who possess knowledge about the field, deeply shares the vision of the company and most importantly, is capable of adding value to your business.

Invest in creating brand value 

It is imperative to focus on the right customer segment and give full emphasis to Marketing, Publicity & PR activities. This has to be done right from the start.

Capital is your gasoline 

Raise the money required either from internal or external sources to ensure the necessary liquidity is available to scale up when needed. A company irrespective of its size and field requires capital. As a founder, it is your job to ensure that you raise enough money for your business. This task will not be easy, but it is most critical for a start-up.

Adjust your management style
As a founder of a start-up, it is essential that you don`t give up. Failures is a part and parcel of the deal, and you need to learn to take it as and when it appears. The ride will be a bumpy one but be prepared to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances.

Establishing a start-up is a hard task, one that will test your patience and skills. You need to nurture it with the right amount of care. The end result is worth every ounce of effort.

Manish Kawlra

Founder and Managing Partner at Tohl - Luxury Leathercraft

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