This Indian College Dropout & His American Co-founder Have a Dream Together The company counts Gary Vaynerchuk's Vayner Media as its top client

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The advancement in technology and ease of internet use has made everything a click away. Getting a job, recruit talent, name just anything and it can be done within minutes.

The real challenge today is how to make use of this abundant technology. Human Resources technology has been the flavor of many startups in India as well as worldwide, but some have expanded further.

Building a marketplace for human resources wasn't experimented with, and that is what 21-year old Ayush Jaiswal who dropped out of college did helped by his company's co-founder Andrew Linfoot.

In 2017, his company Pesto secured $350,000 contracts and made about $200,000 revenue year to date.

Entrepreneur India caught up with the founder to know about more how Pesto is disrupting the market.

New Entrant in the Space

While there are no or less players in the HR tech space that are using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, Noida-based HR tech consultancy service, Pesto, cracked the code to disrupt the space.

The Varanasi-based founder, Jaiswal termed it as an accidental journey that took off when he met his friend and co-founder of the company Linfoot. Seeing a lot of startups struggling in recruitment and hiring process in business, Jaiswal came up with the idea of facilitating companies and individuals with the help of advanced technology.

In a bid to simplify the lives of individuals looking for jobs, Linfoot and Jaiswal embarked on a mission to help empower people. The company does not only help individuals identify their talents and interests, but also invest in them to make them an industry driven products.

Creating an Army of Lifelong Learners

Sharing his life journey, Jaiswal said not all but some of the colleges don't care whether people are learning enough or not or whether they're happy for what they do or not. "This is what concerned us to work on a mission where we can create an army of lifelong learners," said Jasiwal.

The vision of Pesto remains investment in human capital."Even when we didn't have money, we got these guys Mac, we sent these guys out to learn. We invested in them like crazy. That's the whole vision of company," Jaiswal reveals.

Pesto has its team of developers who are specialized in building Artificial Intelligence-based platforms. It has its offices in India and US both. When Jaiswal was asked about his vision for the business in India, he said, "We are heavily relying on AI. When it comes to automation, we want to be the first guys in India."

Talking about the gap he saw in the HR industry, he said the idea behind Pesto is to create something in between consulting and freelancing. "We call ourselves an education company. All we do is hire and train employees. Then we help this company to get jobs in US," he added.

The company is working with internet disruptor Gary Vaynerchuk's Vayner Media, and is also looking at partner with some big companies worldwide.

Building a Strong Connect Between Indians and Americans

Talking about his strong connect with Linfoot, he said we are also aiming to establish a strong connect between Americans and Indians by training individuals and sending them across the countries for jobs.

"It's not a company of developers. It's a community of passionate people who want to work and grow together," he added.

Komal Nathani & Aashika Jain

Entrepreneur India

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