How Does the Culture in Silicon Valley Promote Entrepreneurship? From airport to hotels to malls to food courts, every place in San Francisco has an infrastructure to stimulate co-working

By Ritu Marya

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I was in the San Francisco Bay area recently and it made me reflect why exactly this region of California in particular has become such a successful business hub.

Why Silicon Valley has been the hotbed of innovation for building high-value companies worldwide. My time there also gave me some wonderful insight into entrepreneurship and the culture that exists across San Francisco.

It is a culture that has not only been created but has eventually evolved around the needs of the entrepreneurial community. From airport to hotels to malls to food courts, every place has an infrastructure to stimulate co-working. Infact, young entrepreneurs there identifies each corner of the city as his virtual office.

He lives each day, defying yesterday's best output to today's experimentation. The magic for them is not the initial light-bulb moment, but the everyday commitment to evaluate, refine and reintroduce systems that will make the product or service better.

In my dialogues with valley entrepreneurs, I also found them to be more social, energetic and assertive as compared to Indian entrepreneurs. I feel in the essence, they are like cavemen who are hunters at heart, always scratching the layers to find innovative solutions to problems, new markets and new customers.

This ecosystem has also given them a special ability to dig deep into a problem much before the rest of the world sees it coming. A New Year is always about new opportunities.

I often find entrepreneurs are particularly reflective at this time of the year — as another year wraps up and their itch to do something new little or large takes a high stead. In our year closing issue, we look back to see how far we've come, as we spoke to some of the leading VCs and investors.

This intelligent bunch has always managed to provide relevant view from the Be a Caveman top and have shared laden views on how to approach design, planning, and outcomes in business models and the qualities of entrepreneurs that can take them ahead.

Along with it, we have also brought to you a special feature "The Trends of 2018" where we have got leading experts to offer their ideas for the coming year and what they feel will be the biggest opportunities by future gazing 2018.

All in all, it tells me there is every reason to be optimistic about 2018. I was recently a part of Opportunity India Summit 2017 and Franchise India 2017 and with two full days of viewing how 50,000 entrepreneurs interact with businesses and invest in new business ideas – it was a sight to behold. I was enthralled to see the hunger of Indian entrepreneur to be part of the business opportunity ecosystem.

Consumer industries are seeing a new high with sectors like food, wellness, fashion, services getting into bigger dimensions. Post GST, there has been the biggest ever flux of international brands coming to India. On the other hand, celebrities are finding their next moolah by effecting partnerships with young entrepreneurs.

Investors are once again finding the non-tech consumer space as a hunting ground and young Indians are ditching employment for entrepreneurship.

Incase you missed being there, we have the coverage in the ensuing pages and at, I wish all the readers of Entrepreneur "A very Happy New Year' and we will continue to engage you with varied content in 2018 to focus on what unites us behind our common identity as entrepreneurs.

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Ritu Marya

Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Media (APAC & India)

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