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Actor Ankita Lokhande Announces The Launch Of Dialysis Centers. This Is Why It's Important On June 11, at the Taj Lands End Hotel, Mumbai, actor Ankita Lokhande and husband Vicky Jain announced the launch of state-of-the-art IMAEC Medntek dialysis centers.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

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On June 11, at the Taj Lands End Hotel, Mumbai, actor Ankita Lokhande and husband Vicky Jain announced the launch of state-of-the-art IMAEC Medntek dialysis centres. The franchise chain for dialysis centres shall make kidney treatment more cost-effective with the centre being equipped with the latest and most advanced dialysis machines.

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IMAEC aims to equip its dialysis centre machines with extensively intuitive GUI which minimizes human error and does not alienate the user to learn a new system. Well-equipped with tools from the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the System will be smart enough to make choices for calibrating parameters best suitable for a patient considering their reports and vitals, and deliver a seamless personalised treatment. To eliminate human error, the layout of the EBM will be redesigned and Extra Corporeal Circuit Interaction will be made even more user-friendly.

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"With the launch of the franchise for fully equipped dialysis centres we aim to develop a coherent system that generates useful patient data for enhancing personalised treatments while also effectively reducing the costs of the dialysis treatment. We want to provide a wide spectrum of treatments suitable for the Indian lifestyle while being sensitive and considerate to rising comorbidities, and how the patients can benefit through the treatments beyond just dialysis," said Dr. Vishal Kumar Jain, Managing Director, IMAEC.

Actor Ankita Lokhande, Director IMAEC has had a personal experience with dialysis, as her father was undergoing treatment for kidney failure. "It was only when I saw my father going through dialysis that I realized how sick a person can get. The doctor came one day and informed us that his kidneys are not working and I didn't know how to react at that time. It affects the person's mind and you become disoriented too. Even the finances are a worrying factor and can be around Rs 70,000 per month. Now of course with god's grace he is better and responded well to the treatment," she said.

Her husband, Vicky Jain, Director IMAEC spoke about the importance of awareness regarding kidney diseases. "We want dialysis to be accessible to everyone in India and aim that these centres will be able to access remote parts of India too where the medical infrastructure is missing," Vicky pointed out.

IMAEC Dialysis Centres also have a dietician with expertise in kidney disorders, to provide nutrition counselling, There is a 24/7 ambulance facility to address any adverse incidents or emergencies.

Kabir Singh Bhandari

Former Senior Assistant Editor

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