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3 Powerful Ways To Get More From Your Link Building Efforts If you have been doing link building for a while now, you already know that it can be a challenging and time-consuming inbound strategy

By Prashant Deorah

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Are you doing link building like it is 2003?It is time to shake things up. Like other aspects of online marketing, link building is a fast-changing area. To stay ahead of the curve, you must think differently.

You already know that content is the meat of a natural backlinking strategy. But, beyond content creation, consider several advanced methods your competitors probably do not know about.

1. Create A Free Tool To Generate Buzz For Your Brand

Is there a task you would like to perform more efficiently but cannot seem to find the right tool for the job? Loads of other people out there are probably looking for a similar tool.

Why not create an awesome widget or app to meet the demand. Fortunately, these days, you can easily find developers to help you create a nifty tool without breaking the bank.

When people discover a super useful widget, they will talk about it in the form of reviews, social mentions, and shares, all of which can generate high-quality inbound links to your website.

Tasker, a task planning app, is a good example of the power of using widgets as link magnets. Look at the sheer number of backlinks the website has garnered over time.

What's really great about this approach is that you would be offering something valuable that earns you natural backlinks.

2. Review Marketplace Products To Obtain High-Quality Links

Most marketers want other people to review and leave testimonials about their products. But are you willing to change things up a little, check out others' stuff, and do a comprehensive review?

Such an approach delivers clear benefits. First, detailed product reviews are quite popular content formats and can position you as a niche thought leader.

Second, a solid review posted on your website or as a guest post is a powerful way to get quality links and generate exposure for your brand.

Reviewing top-rated marketplace products is a slightly different approach than the usual drill of creating content around a bunch of researched keywords.

This method requires you to browse marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Clickbank, Udemy, E-Junkie, Gumroad etc. for products such as podcasts, courses, elite programs and even tangible goods to review.

For example, at Udemy you can snag and review several inexpensive but pretty popular courses.

Each course features the author's name and links to their social profiles from where you can contact them directly for a possible collaboration.

Identify the owners of the product, reach out, and ask whether they would be interested in featuring your review of their product on their website. The review would include a link back to your site.

Some site owners are willing to offer a free preview of their product in exchange for a review. A great review helps the product owner improve sales and gets you a backlink. It's a win-win.

If after using a product you find that writing an entire review is not feasible, ask the product owner whether you can submit a testimonial with a link back to your website.

3. Search for Broken Links And Offer Your Content To Fill The Gap

Broken or missing links do not seem like much until you scratch below the surface to find competition-free opportunities for link building.

The gist of this method is to look for websites whose external links point to pages that no longer exist, have been rebranded, or have been moved to a different domain.

Often, many webmasters have no clue that some of their outbound links are no longer in use. In this case, you will be doing the job for them.

Start with a quick KEYWORD+" Page No Longer Exists" or KEYWORD + "Service Not Available" search on Google to find the necessary sites.

Next, use a back-link analysis tool such as SEMRush to find websites that link to the non-existent page.

Lastly, reach out to owners whose site links point to the missing page and offer them an opportunity to link to your site, which has better and updated content.

Few Things to Note

If you have been doing link building for a while now, you already know that it can be a challenging and time-consuming inbound strategy. However, the payoff is worthwhile.

Without a solid outreach program that supports link building, the best content will have little value. Building credible links are as useful a ranking strategy today as it was a decade ago.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your website remains in good standing.

Prashant Deorah

CEO - MD Puretech Digital

Prashant Deorah has been leading digital strategy and marketing teams almost since the advent of the Internet in India. A passionate digital evangelist and entrepreneur , being one of the early digital entrepreneurs, Prashant’s experience runs the entire gamut of digital marketing activities – building experiential websites, leveraging the power of search, creating communities on social, connecting with millennials through mobile and driving engagement with content.

Prashant is passionate about using web technologies, eGovernance and mobility solutions to meet business goals and transform user experiences. A consummate professional and excellent communicator, Prashant is dedicated to his work and craft.

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