3 Ways To Build Resilience In Turbulent Times

Mike Signorelli and Vince Tome share practical insights for entrepreneurs to master resilience in the face of adversity

By Srivatsa KR

Mike Signorelli and Vince Tome
Mike Signorelli and Vince Tome

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You've heard this before, but once again, life is a journey and, on this journey, you're bound to face turbulent and triumphant times. Now, the jubilant times are easy, and anyone can get around those; it's the turbulent times that test the limits of human resilience.

All the great minds in the world are mainly celebrated for their achievements; however, when you dig deeper into their journeys, you find that most of them failed countless times before they succeeded. What sets them apart from everyone else in their time is their resilience. They didn't quit when it got tough and frustrating, and neither should you.

Pastor Mike Signorelli and entrepreneur Vince Tome share different perspectives on surviving the harder times. When the going gets tough, many people lose sight of what they want to achieve and forget how far they've come to get where they are. Here are three ways to build resilience that will tide you through the hardest of situations:

You need your physical strength

First things first, you've got to be healthy to fight through the rocky times. It is your physical health that is the face of what you're going through. "No matter what the circumstance is, don't let your physical body take a beat down from your situation," states Vince.

Mike adds that "Your physical toughness plays a crucial role in strengthening you emotionally and mentally. Physically fit people can focus on their goals and come up with solutions, rather than withering away during hardships."

Your mental and emotional health is just as important

Looking good and healthy on the outside can easily mask the internal warfare you're secretly fighting. "While many people often hide their emotional struggles, do not be afraid to ask for help. Your aspirations and vision for your life are not too crazy or just a pipe dream; you can easily make it where you want to be," believes Vince.

Mike agrees and states, "Jot down your goals as well as roadblocks. Stay calm and take one step at a time to remove those obstacles and build mental resilience." As per Mike, "your family and people who surround you most of the time leave a major impact on you emotionally; therefore, it's important to keep your circle clean, stay happy, and thrive."

Take charge of the situation

Vince encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to take ownership of their lives and be tenacious. "Even if you've hit a wall, don't give up; you need to either find a way through or around," states Vince. "Remember, if you let the situation dictate your life, you'll be stuck in the same position for longer than you would have if you turned the turbulence into a welcome tide."

On the other hand, Mike opines, "Prudent decision-making is perhaps one of the best ways to help you stay afloat when times are tough. It's important to keep a perspective and a wider view of things and keep your spirits high. Your grit and gratitude are two things that help you take charge of any situation that weighs you down."

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