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Growing Your Business the Right Way Our attitude in the face of challenges across the business improves and grows once we build a strong self image.

By K. Madhavan

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Most of us are under the illusion that we know about everything around us. But the fact is we seldom know ourselves. It is always better to know ourselves first. And the same applies to our business as well. It is always better to understand our aims, objectives in a business before knowing other's business and competitive environment. The very simple reason behind this is that our business depends more on us and our biggest competitor is also us! We are the driving force. Our attitude in the face of challenges across the business improves and grows once we build a strong self image.

Learning from an unexpected source

Business learning comes from everywhere, but only if we are prepared to sincerely observe, listen and learn. For instance, customers are our teachers, philosophers & guides. The best learning one can receive on their business can be acquired from customers. We should not ignore their attitude towards our brand. Attitude, in this case, should not be confused with feedback; attitude is a symptom and feedback is an outcome of it. Be quick enough to respond to their attitude towards our business, as such a symptomatic approach can save our business.

There is no shame in asking for help

Doing everything by oneself will not help scale up a business, but at the same time delegating everything without being able to meet deliverables is no good. The team must be clear about the needs and they must be allowed to act according to their strength to achieve the goals. Doing so will help accumulate a great degree of collective inputs, which is stronger than what any individual could have contributed. Unless there is a shared vision which is clearly understood by the team, the business cannot be grown to its maximum potential.

The importance of diversions

One important aspect that any entrepreneur must keep in mind is that their life is beyond their business; business is only a part of one's life. Keeping ourselves engaged with activities/hobbies that have nothing to do with your business is not detrimental. Intermittent diversions give one a stimulated approach to business, both physically & mentally. Hobbies can range from activities such as painting, singing and gardening to golfing, darts or even stamp collection. Activities such as these cause completely different engagement and offers a much-needed distraction from work. This break can help one feel refreshed and rejuvenated, while even offering a fresh perspective to the business.

Do not be a "sage on the stage"

The learning that can be attained while running a business is limitless and regardless of your position, they will never stop. When interacting with associates we must behave like student, always seeking knowledge. One must never feel ashamed of asking questions and should always feel free to clarify things.

In conclusion

So how does one achieve the most out of a business? True success can only be attained with a purpose in life. The business we choose to venture into must have a significant value in our life. The business should be done with the aim of fulfilling a greater purpose in life. A purpose-driven venture can make all the difference between the success and failure of the business.

"If your life does not depend on your business, this means that you have alternatives and are not confident in it. If your business is not purpose driven, do not venture into it."

K. Madhavan

Managing Director, Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd


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