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Customers are forever going to be the primary factor in deciding if your business succeeds or not. With technology, many services have come into place to ensure customers are gained, retained and happy as a result. Customer Relationship Management also called CRM is a field which is upgrading itself every passing moment, and with technology, it is helping gain new customers and retain them more comfortably.

The CRM industry is worth $25 billion and growing every year. With the power of technologies such as Open Source and SuiteCRM, top notch customer service is provided and the customer remains happy.

Here are top ways CRM has changed over the years to solve the countless challenges faced by businesses when it comes to handling clients-

Different Customers - Different Approaches

Nasir Khan, Founder and Director of Fynsis SoftLabs Private Limited has ensured that the customer is well taken care of with proper strategies in place to manage company's relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers. Thus profitability is ensured. An experience of a decade long of service in the customer relationship field, he has eventually understood what type of CRM package will help companies.

"A 14+ years of experience led me to understand that certain loopholes needed to be filled in the CRM field," Khan said when talking about how his experience helped him.

"Companies have different segments of customers they need to target. Fynsis is well recognized worldwide for being a SuiteCRM Partner delivering tailor-made CRM service packages that will help a business's goals and needs. Along with this, we take care of the rest of the technological space for a company from website development, e-commerce, and enterprise mobile app development. Hence we create a packaged end to end solution that leverages a company's intelligence in multiple dimensions," Khan said enthusiastically.

He specifically mentioned that a great team resulted in his CRM business to become recognised.

"A company may have the best technology in the market, but without a great team, this technology will be useless!" Khan said stressing on the importance of a great team.

"A correct understanding of customer needs can help businesses achieve new heights, which is the reason why CRMs have become so popular and significant," Khan concluded.

Cloud Based CRM Solutions -

Don McLead, founder of Advertify in Canada has come up with a cloud based deployment of CRM services. For those who are not very tech savvy, this means that applications, services or resources are made available via the internet from the cloud computing servers. Hence it can be accessed anywhere and from any PC, laptop or mobile.

"With a cloud based CRM solution, we help businessmen who travel to track customer interactions while on the move. A CRM solution not only caters to customer interactions, but will help you formulate new strategies to improve conversion rate while on the move," McLead said.

"The integration of CRM into your phone for example can help streamline your business hence saving time which is vital for every entrepreneur these days," MacLead said confidently.

Customer Interaction Improved

When a company follows up with a client, before an order is placed, during the process and also an after sales service, the customer feels privileged. Ask CS Aerotherm's Chief Information Officer Pranav Jairam.

Pranav Jairam looks into the information technology behind CS Aerotherm's production, domestic sales and exporting of bakery machines and equipment. He noticed a tremendous change when CRM was introduced in the company.

"SuiteCRM not only made our projects more efficient when it came to handling customers all over the world, but it also helped us stay competitive in business. Our customers are always well taken care with efficient service and fully automated case handling system due to which our clients don't turn their heads towards any other competitors," Pranav Jairam said.

"It also helped cater to our domestic market, and with India being the second most popular country it becomes difficult to handle new, potential and existing customers. The demand for packaged, processed and ready to eat products has increased tremendously thanks to urbanization. CRM products have helped keep our domestic clients happy," Jairam said when asked about the Indian market.

There are plenty of CRM solutions out there in the market; however they all have their own specialities. Dig deep into what you want CRM to achieve in terms of customers and you'll be growing your customer base in no time!

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