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Menu Hacks For Your Online Food Delivery Business in Mumbai Understand the tryst of the inhabitants of the city and tweak a few local dishes that would make Mumbaikars fall in love with food all over again

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Mumbai has essentially been known as the city of dreams. The culture of this city is vibrant and dare I say a boisterous one. It is a fantastic mix of different cuisines, food, language, culture, fine arts and festivals and not to mention the many faces of Bollywood.

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Food is one of the most important facets of Mumbai's culture. This maximum city's blind date with food often ensures a whirlwind affair, a very passionate romance! Every Mumbaikar has a weakness for local street food and for local cuisines. This diverse city is famous for street food such as vada pav, chakli, chivda, modak, batata rassa, dabeli, missal pav among many others. Mumbai is such a diverse city that its people have happily adapted to many different cuisines and even customized them into mouth-watering dishes tailored for the local palate.

FreshMenu understands this tryst of the inhabitants with the street fair and tweaked a few local dishes that would make them fall in love with food all over again. Our talented chefs understand the pulse of this lively city and have curated dishes that suit this cosmopolitan palate.

Optimising the Menu

While optimising the menu for your online food delivery service business in Mumbai, you should keep a note of all the points mentioned below.

- Research (Identifying need gap)

- R&D specific to the city

- Menu testing

- Menu shortlist

- Product introduction and promotion

- Promoting it within micro influencers

- Data gathering and improvement

Menu Localization

Vada Pav Sliders

We gave Mumbaikars a variety of vada pav sliders, which is one of the favourites go on the snack option for the local food lovers. Sitting on the promenade at Marine Drive on an evening gazing at the Arabian Sea with a vada pav slider is a sight to treasure. Vada Pav is believed to have been invented by a vendor at the Dadar train station in the 1960s for the commuters who were always in a hurry! There's no hurry to finish our delicious take on this classic – well-seasoned and tempered potato patties coated with a spiced gram-flour batter, are deep fried and sandwiched between African peri-peri seasoning, brioche buns.

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Or maybe sitting in the balcony and sipping into a piping hot cup of tea and a bite on a Vada Pav Slider with Peri-Peri Mayo and Brioche Bun is a delight, which no one would want to miss out on. This mouth-watering Vada Pav is well-seasoned and tempered potato patties coated with a spiced gram-flour batter, are deep fried and sandwiched between peri-peri mayo smeared, halved brioche buns. Deep-fried green chillies tossed with salt accompany your delicious Vada Pav.

Spicy Falafel Wraps

Apart from being the biggest metropolitan city in the country "Amchi Mumbai" promises a high adrenaline rush and diverse city life to all the inhabitants. FreshMenu curated Spicy Falafel Wraps for those who love their food rolled in a wrap, grab this delicious combo in their busy hectic schedule. This wrap will be a sheer delight to all the Mumbaikars who squeezed themselves in the crammed local train. It comes with Falafel wrapped in a soft pita with pickled veggies, crunchy lettuce and a Tahini spread.

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Adding Local Flavour

Local Flavour adds an interesting medley for different folks with a different lifestyle just like how this big city promises a home to these chirpy tireless Mumbaikars. FreshMenu tied up with Mumbai FC Team the previous year and co-created the menu that has familiarity with local tastes.

This article was originally written by Rashmi Daga.

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