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The constitution of power dressing Few tips to facilitate your endeavor to power dress for your workplace.

By Harssh Chheda

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What`s the first thing that should come to your mind while dressing up for office? Wear the best, look the best since you are a part of the organization, regardless of your position be it as a leader or an executive; it is a must to look sharp and stay polished to set an example for not only others in the organization but also for those colleagues and executives you interact with in the multifarious meetings throughout the day.

The well-dressed are always looked up to by colleagues for the dynamism they exude through their aristocratic dressing. Dressing well demands devotion to every element of your attire from fabric to finish. Looking into a wardrobe full of business suits and accessories and choosing the right melange is a more daunting task than it seems.

"Simplicity is Sophistication', is echoed by many of the powerfully dressed men making a difference in their workplace and is a piece of advice one should consider in order to dress smart when it comes to making a mark at your workplace.

One must keep in mind the globally accepted weaves and other essentials while attempting to mix and match. Mentioned below are a few pointers to facilitate your endeavour to power dress for your workplace.

1. Year-round, wool suits and trousers reflect your personality with zeal and authority. Wool is mostly preferred because of its stiff hold and propensity to not get wrinkled through the day. A breathable natural fabric, wool keeps you warm in the winters and cool in the summers.

2. Stay true to bold colours for your suit like black, navy blue and ash-grey and if you're looking to change it up a bit consider trying out the classic pin-stripe or window pane checks. Complement the bold exterior with a zing of a subtle yet classy shirt. Though white is always the first choice, a sky blue or a baby pink formal shirt will make all the difference you need to dominate your workplace.

3. A tie is a major eye catcher and there`s a lot you can do with it. Give a break to your plain ties and keep up with the latest designs that do magic to your business suit. Don't shy away from loud prints and/or colours.

4. Pocket-squares are a must not only at social events but at boardroom meetings or conferences as well. Make sure to attune yourself to the different pocket-square styles that can help you further stand out.

5. Make sure the socks you pull up are brothers to your pants, however wearing them in sync with your shirt`s colour is also okay. If you are feeling adventurous don't shy away from the printed or loud patterned socks. White socks are a definite NO!

6. Accessorize yourself as minimal as you can. A classy pair of cufflinks and a good pen are the best weapons to bring out the corporate king in you.

7. Shoes are equally important to complete your business outfit. Black goes well with no one but black, apply the same mantra when donning a black business suit. Brown and tan adds the much needed charm to grey and blue suits or trousers. Whichever shoes you end up choosing make sure the colour of your belt matches the colour of your shoes.

It's a tried and tested fact that a well-dressed individual brings out more productivity. Dapper men come with a stride of enthusiasm not just for themselves but also for the people around and they inject life to an otherwise dull and gloomy workplace spreading positivity wherever they go.

It`s your confidence of donning this second skin that makes a statement even before you do. The way you dress yourself makes an ever-lasting impression on the people you are introduced to and interact with throughout the day.

Nothing is as worth having as your own bespoke tailor who knows the perfect inch by inch fit for your body and crafts wonders especially for you. After all, being a gentleman never fades out of style.

Harssh Chheda

Founder, Corporate Collars


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