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Their business card reads social beings There's a saying in restaurant business that once it gets into your blood, you can't get away from it and that's so true.

By Ritu Marya

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Business Has To Be Fun

This month we caught up with India's leading restaurateurs who have made running a restaurant business one of the most envious professions in India. What really stood out for me was their warmth and openness, yet each one had his own style of approaching business and life.

Zorawar is a man of detail, and you can see that right from his restaurants to his business suit. Riyaz is the sharpshooter and a do-gooder, who has to get it right in one go and his leadership style will eventually benefit the industry as a whole. Priyank is the underdog of the food business, who will go on to re-write the rules of the business in the coming years.

AD Singh has the charm and depth as a restaurateur who has figured out, "You've got to keep it personal, but don't take it personal," and Amit is the rising elephant in the food business who will inspire a lot of Indian family businesses to join the industry.

Together they are the "Social Beings" of India for whom business is fun; in fact, it is something they should put in as their business designations. Any given day, they are about the food…the people and their gut thick in innovation, setting new rules for eating out.

The aggregators, as they are more popularly called, have taken the e-commerce business model in India by storm in the last two years. On one hand, their business models have empowered micro-entrepreneurship in India, and on the other, they have also created a whole new consumer experience across service businesses.

We bring to you India's most promising aggregator entrepreneurs who are changing the way these Industries understood about wealth and customer. Less always motivates us to do more. Whether it is resources, funds or health, there are people out there who just don't give two hoots about it in their path to achievement. Being differently abled, does not mean you cannot be enabled for greater things.

My highest respect goes to these entrepreneurs who couldn't care less. It is also the time where we get to see a new league of sharp entrepreneurs with fire in their bellies.

Ritu Marya

Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Media (APAC & India)

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