How Online Gaming can Improve Your Entrepreneurial Skills Entrepreneurship is a career that requires honing of one's skills, some online games can be effective tools in helping budding entrepreneurs enhance some key skills

By Amin Rozani

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Digitization and the evolution of technology have effectively changed the pace of growth and learning for the human race. The vast expanse of knowledge available to the world via the Internet across various websites has made our world a smaller place and brought our people closer to one another. While the Internet era is still underway, it has brought with it many opportunities and tools to help educate people regarding various topics, one such means is digital gaming. The concept of using gaming as a tool for education or skill-enhancing is an age-old one, however, with the changing times, new tools and means for the same are available for all career options.

Entrepreneurship is a career that requires honing of one's skills, some online games can be effective tools in helping budding entrepreneurs enhance some key skills and learn new techniques to implement the same.

The Right Approach

The online gaming space offers a variety of options, from board game versions to card games, and each has a unique lesson to teach. A recent entrant in the online gaming space, Poker, is one such game that helps players learn to be more patient, it is a game of skill and strategy. Like every game, it also requires a certain amount of learning, practice and understanding. Once a player understands the game, then it is all about practicing. While playing a hand of Poker, players need to focus, they need to assess and analyse the possible risks, based on the same they need to strategize and overcome hurdles, which will help them master the game. Since it is a game of reading people, analyzing their moves and strategizing accordingly, it is necessary for players to focus and be patient about their game. Entrepreneurship is similar to this model, you might not have the correct approach, however one should try to keep in mind that they will learn things along the way and practice patience.

Try till You Succeed

In this era of digitization and the growing demands of one's professional and social lives, it has become tedious to try and find time for recreational activities like game-playing, which helps cognitive and creative development. A simple solution is online gaming since it is digital, it will not occupy too much physical space and can be used anytime, anywhere. The ease of access is the tip of the proverbial iceberg, it also allows users to re-play and restart without any hassles. This aspect of online gaming is of great use as it enables players to re-think, re-work their strategy and plan alternate moves. Online games give you the chance to dissect the situation, to think, what went wrong and how to improvise. Improvising is the key to success, not only in the entrepreneurial world but anywhere, you have to keep improvising and this opportunity of reliving the same moment over and over again is available only online.

Proximity to Perfection

While it is rightly said, nobody is perfect, it is very important to try and grow in every sphere of life to become a successful entrepreneur. While the likes of the richest men in the world and most successful entrepreneurs are constantly trying to succeed, they are doing so by learning and enhancing skills like time management, risk management, decision making, etc. Online games that are time-restricted or time-bound in some way can help teach time management, while games like Poker can enhance decision-making and risk-management skills. Online games, when played live, can also help enhance one's skills in people-reading and management, an entrepreneur can use these skills to gauge potential clients, employees and partners. Although, as mentioned, nobody can perfect these skills, online gaming can help hone them to near perfection, making their lives a little less complicated.

In conclusion, while the digital medium has a lot to offer in terms of direct educational and training tools for entrepreneurs, one indirect and effective tool is digital gaming. If used in the correct manner, digital gaming can prove to be an effective tool to help budding entrepreneurs grow and enhance their skill-sets, bringing them one step closer to a successful venture.

Amin Rozani

Co-Founder & MD, The Spartan Poker

Amin Rozani is the Founder and Managing Director of The Spartan Poker, India’s leading &  most-trustworthy online Poker gaming portal launched in 2014. With over thousands of poker lovers using the portal, the company has seen an exponential growth since its inception.

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