One Size Does Not Fit All

All the industries have felt this impact so much and education sector is no different.

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It never really has! But, it is only now as a society we are beginning to escalate it and find answers around it.


The trends that underpin this new world means we are now on the cusp of creating a hyper personalized era with fundamental changes in terms of choice, consumption, ownership and our overall experience of products and services. All the industries have felt this impact so much and education sector is no different.

Today, we are talking about students wanting to tailor their own educational journey and establishing direct links between their educational experience and their goals for career mobility and a better life. In fact most B-schools regard it as a sign of responsibility and creativity. This has also led to creation of entrepreneurship as a stream of education.

The whole notion of entrepreneurship education was pretty much a foreign concept till about 2010. The best B-school for an accountant might not be the best B-school for the next start-up founder. Though, no formal B-school can teach you the intricacies of entrepreneurship or guarantee your success to become be an Avante Grade entrepreneur, however, business schools can be the launching pad.

What's more, the new educational premise is that entrepreneurship education needs to start early, K12 for sure, while some are of the opinion that specks of it should be embedded in Kindergarten too. This calls for transformative and radical changes in our current education sector where one school of thought is to launch new educational establishments and other is to wrestle and disrupt the conventions of established systems. While launching new solutions inside an old organization is understandably not going to be a cakewalk but joint empowerment by the Ministry of HRD, Ministry of Skill Development, CBSE Board and K12 schools are challenging themselves to this new world and it is their innovation that will further improve the pipeline to higher education.

In this issue, we have brought out the early movers, who are building a cult in the Indian entrepreneurship education space. Team Entrepreneur has conducted its first ever survey to find the leading B-schools in India, who are nurturing an entrepreneurship culture inside their campuses. Still early days for many institutes, but they were the first to think of making leaders and not followers. We have also identified how school education is looking to get transformed.

From this edition, we have introduced a new section called "Business Unusual' in line with our U.S. magazine. It is about how businesses can take an unusual approach to solve may be a usual problem. I would love to hear your views on it and see how you approach your business differently.

Two stories that we personally enjoyed putting together this month at the editorial desk were – how beard keeping trend threw open a box opportunities for start-ups; and how four different spice brands are experimenting with new ideas – going hyperlocal to selling digitally but their heart still lies with the product.

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