The Pharm-er CEO: Sheetal Arora, Mankind Pharma Pandemic was one of the toughest challenges for the company as it had to meet increased demand for products, remote work and create an IT infrastructure to support 15,000 people moving online, says, Sheetal Arora, CEO, Mankind Pharma

By Shrabona Ghosh

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From expanding product offerings, extending global presence, entering new segments such as the institution business, excelling in diverse markets, and upholding commitment to providing high-quality healthcare, Mankind Pharma has undergone transformation under the leadership of Sheetal Arora, Chief Executive Officer.

Defining his leadership style, the CEO says, "My leadership style is visionary, innovative, and people-centric. I believe that a clear and inspiring vision is essential for any organization, and I am constantly seeking opportunities for growth and improvement. I encourage a culture of innovation within the organization, where creative thinking and new ideas are welcomed and nurtured."

One of the key leadership learnings during his tenure has been the importance of communication. "As a leader, it is essential to be able to communicate your vision clearly and effectively to your team members."

The most difficult challenge he faced as a leader was during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company met the increased demand for products, remote work, creating a big IT infrastructure to support 15,000 people moving online, and making medicines available during the tough time with the help of distributors and vendors. "To thrive in this difficult situation, I focused on communication, agility, and innovation. We also continued to invest in research and development during the pandemic, which allowed us to launch new products that met the needs of our customers."

Leadership is a challenging task at any time, but it is especially challenging in the 21st century. The world is changing rapidly, and leaders need to be able to adapt quickly and effectively. They also need to have a deep understanding of the global economy, the rise of new technologies, and the changing workforce. "As a CEO, my primary concerns are ensuring the long-term success of the company, creating a positive and productive work environment, developing and empowering my team, and giving back to the community."

His most memorable moment as a CEO was the day the company went public. "It was the culmination of years of hard work and dedication from our entire team. It was also a validation of our vision and our belief in the future of our company."


Age: 47
Year of joining the current organization: 1995
Total team size: 20,000 (including field force managers)
Consolidate Turnover of the organization: INR 8,749.43 Crores
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