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To Be Heard and To be Admired When you are a Friend, Mentor, coach, Boss, and CEO in a New Economy

By Ritu Marya

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In a World that is Hybrid, the role of a CEO has been challenging to say the least as it has called for making adjustments in how they carry themselves, how they communicate, and how they interact with co-workers. The learning curve has been steep. When it is expected of the CEO to "read the room" over a screen, it calls for a Progressive blended leadership style. To Build and retain talent in a Gig economy, to dole out warmth and competence in equal measures, to create a culture, and to meet the goals of the organizations - it asks for the leaders to be dynamic enough to tweak their work style, sometimes multiple times in a day.

Our Daring CEOs issue is an ode to this special breed of CEOs who are an enduring symbol of leadership. Their reputation and career success as leaders is exemplary and yet very individual - some call for weathering the storm before its gains momentum, while others are taking calls for radical change in legacy organizations, and new-age CEOs who disrupt their best strategies to carve new ones. For businesses, the pandemic implications have been extreme, with blueprints, Business assumptions and quarterly to annual plans radically throttled, It was here the featured CEOs made tough decisions when the future was murkier than ever. Balancing new opportunities and unseen risks, they have upped the gravitas with their deft ability to adopt the right markers to suit the situation. From managing expectations around remote work to handling accelerated digital transformation, the CEOs brought agreeableness, approachability, and likability to new initiatives. The agile approach and timely pivot without losing momentum are testimony of the adaptive and nimble attitude of these leaders.

In our corporate special, we take a look at how Tata Group got Air India back in its volley, a great generational tale of Maharaja lost, recovered, and now re-energized. The pandemic has brought a new thrust on Mental health and we have got Harsh Mariwala talking about how entrepreneurs can deal with it and help their organizations not fall prey to it.

We have also deep-dived into the electric vehicle landscape to take stock of how startups to corporates are doubling down to lower the cost of electric vehicles and accelerating its mass adoption. With Tesla India's entry just around the corner, UBS predicts that one out of every six cars sold anywhere in the world will be electric by 2025.

The Editorial desk is now working on the upcoming final magazine edition for the year 2021. Our annual Compilation of Money Men and women will give you a sense of who are the top go-to people in the capital markets and why and how of raising capital that every business needs to know about.

Ritu Marya

Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Media (APAC & India)

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