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Have You Ingrained Health Apps in Your Daily Life? If you are in the middle of some health issue, considering tips from health app is not the intelligent way to deal the problem

By Pratik Kanada

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So, what's your call, are health apps a reliable health partner or just a tech troublemaker? Being a general user, your yes or no isn't going to prompt the health app development companies to back off. It's not just health, you name any sector, there will be apps flourishing the app store with a plenty of apps in the same. Why not? Compared to 2016, the revenue of iOS and Android apps has surged by 35%. Which sector can afford to miss out on this one? Not health for sure. $60 billion is the total revenue of the past year. Impressive I know. If service providers are on the roll, users are no less. Health domain is experiencing a great response from the users and finally on the verge to grow.

Mobile apps, undoubtedly the fastest growing domain: The one that gives ease, and comfort. Not to set aside the time saving and money saving qualities it offers along with. Flight booking eased up, gaming experience improved, house hunting became easier, finding hot spots was never this easy, getting cabs was never this quick, mobile apps are just like a magic wand. But magic is not always good, it can be bad as well. This is strictly related to the healthcare mobile apps. You can seek information from these apps, but relying entirely on them and replacing your real-time doctor with health apps is no way to play with your health that can lead to endangering your life.

Not every app developer developing the health app have the adequate awareness. But, once the user starts getting attached to health apps, they tend to follow blindly. In several occasions, this might prove to be helpful but on a contrary, this will reduce the number of visits to the doctor, provoking the chance of some major issue. Well, I am not in against of health apps, just want to show some red flags to be alert of. If you are already ingrained with the use of the health apps, here are some of the cautions to be taken care of.

1) Devoid of accurate medical diagnosis

If you are in the middle of some health issue, considering tips from health app is not the intelligent way to deal the problem or in the healthcare, heal the problem. Apps can't be a replacement for an original doctor. You can gather knowledge about the symptoms through mobile apps, but when it comes to medication, always consult a doctor. Let me put this straight, an app doesn't hold a medical license or practice with patient handling, doctors do. You have a connection with your doctor you are visiting since childhood. They are familiar with your body process and hence they can suggest you the perfect cure. You can't hold any such connection or relation with health app.

2) Pay to know

I know this is not fair. You are using a health app not a weighing machine where you have to pay to get information. But, this is what most of the health apps do and one of the reasons why to refrain from using these apps. Intuitively, you have to pay for your doctor and then to get information, you will have to pay for these apps as well. Why waste money on inaccurate information when you are already paying for the accurate one?

3) Way to educate

Well, in several cases, mobile app development is a source to get the education. Patients are always anxious and filled with a bunch of questions. Some of the questions are clarified with the doctor, while some are left and doctors might not be available at their desired time to shoot the questions. This brings them to health apps, 24*7 available to ask questions and get the answer promptly. This makes patients diverge their ways towards these apps.

Pratik Kanada

CEO, 360 Degree Technosoft

CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile app development company. Writes about Leadership, Start-up Quests, Social Media, Latest Tech Trends and Mobile Applications.

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