How does a Workplace Near Home Shoot up an Employee's Productivity

Long hours travelling after a hectic day increases stress and lowers the overall effectiveness of an employee in long run

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Travelling to work in a crammed local train with other sweaty and sulky workers or waiting for endless clogged street crossings to open is not much fun. Many research conducted to prove that efficiency of an employee depends on many parameters such as work culture, employee satisfaction, management support and distance from the workplace.


In almost all the cities, whether a metro or a non-metro, commuting to offices is one of the hardest tasks and employees are almost terrified with the mere thought of traveling.

Even if the agencies provide the facility of transportation, it does not make traveling a bit more enjoyable. Everyone has only 24 hours of a day, which is to split for different activities; also how a person feels throughout the day affects his performance at work.

Many people keep up the comfort of living far from their workplaces, which attracts more traveling time each day. Let's find out how a workplace closer to your home could enhance employees' productivity:

Fewer Hours Wasted in Commutation Means More Punctuality

Punctuality is one of the attributes that the management looks for to assess an employee's performance. A daily record of reaching late to office could only get a remark on the employee's annual assessment report, and management has nothing to do with any of the reasons for being late. Except in any particular circumstance, office close by the home will allow the employee to spend fewer hours on traveling, without getting into traffic jams and he/she can reach the workplace in time.

Healthy Employee Means Lesser Leaves

It is quoted that "early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise'; however, distant workplace and horrifying traffic jams disturb the daily routine of a person. As a result, many employees do not even have time to have their meals properly and do much of physical exercise, which leads to bad health. A workplace nearby one's home allows the employees to stick to its daily routine, keep them hale and hearty and hence be more productive.

Lesser Stress Means Higher Employee Efficiency

Long traveling hours after a hectic work schedule throughout the day increases pressure and lowers the overall effectiveness of the employee, eventually. In families, where both the parents are working, kids are the one who suffers the most as they get to see their parents only at weekends, which is just not enough. After a tiresome traveling for one whole week, most people try to avoid going anywhere on weekends leading to monotony and unhappiness in life. Cutting back on commuting allows more time to spend with family and friends, which helps the employee lower the stress and enjoy deeper satisfaction in life. The Golden rule is – A satisfied and happy person is an efficient employee.

Lesser Travelling Means Time to Fulfill Personal Desires

Every person has some or the other passion in life. It is true that a person earns money to live a comfortable life and to fulfill his/her desires, but is that money worth if he is not able to enjoy the comfort and get "time' to fulfill the wishes? Off course, an employee is not expected to leave a promising job, but in cities where there are pouring jobs in every nook and corner, one can find a job nearby the house so that an hour saved from traveling could be used in those activities/hobbies, which make the person contented.

Message for Employees

As said that there is a way to everything; you may have to search deeper for getting a comfortable residence nearby your office, or you may have to compromise on few things, but looking at the benefits of having an office closer to your residence, makes it all worth. The parameter that matters the most is that you can avoid those bustling trips to the offices and save a lot of energy to show your capabilities at the workplace. So it is always better to pick a lesser paying job close to the home than a job that pays higher but needs a heck of a time to reach.