The Fashionista The key is to create value. I strive to create content that comes in handy to my followers in terms of fashion and lifestyle: Masoom Minawala

By Saptak Bardhan

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Growing up as a kid who loved sports with no interest in fashion whatsoever, Masoom has been able to hold her own in the ruthless fashion industry. She developed an interest in fashion when she was in 12th grade and all through college. She started interning for a fashion brand and stumbled upon the term "blogging' which was a flashpoint in her career in fashion and as an influencer. She named the blog "Style Fiesta" which was suggested by her mother and started blogging. She developed a loyal readership and her ardent interest in all things fashion which led to her starting her blogs which eventually inadvertently became her full-time career.

"I didn't know that an industry of creative entrepreneurs of such vast magnitude even existed. I instantly resonated with the concept of being able to share my fashion with anyone in the world through a screen."

Masoom talks about things that matter to her and many women like money management, investment, and achieving financial independence which helps her build a rapport with her community and understand their ideas and requirements a little better. She strongly believes that a big part of staying relevant is one should be familiar with the trends and cater to what her audiences like to see. She reveals a major part of her process is research and analysis of what the trends are and what her audience would like to see. She relies on the numbers and believes they are integral in recognizing what is the need of the hour and what her community would like to see.

"The key is to create value. I strive to create content that comes in handy to my followers in terms of fashion and lifestyle."

Masoom also follows a trial and error method multiple times before some content is posted on her social media. She believes in creating the kind of content that resonates with her and eventually, helps her viewers in one way or the other. Masoom has had the opportunity and the honor to be a part of many brand campaigns. According to her, every campaign and every brand is different. Sometimes the briefs and brand guidelines are extremely stringent. She plans on creating more content that would add value to women's lives and inspire
them to take the plunge. increase the female working population. She maintains a gratitude journal which fuels
her motivation.

Saptak Bardhan

Former Trainee Writer

Former Trainee Writer

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