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The Journey from Mrs Shaan to Radhika Mukherji For Radhika Mukherji, life was going as usual, with husband Shaan being busy with his career and she playing the perfect role of a wife, mother and daughter-inlaw.

By Punita Sabharwal

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For Radhika Mukherji, life was going as usual, with husband Shaan being busy with his career and she playing the perfect role of a wife, mother and daughter-inlaw. Talking about her take charge moment when she thought of becoming an entrepreneur, Radhika states, "I love being Mrs. Shaan, as everybody knows me as his wife, but now it is the time to be recognized as Radhika Mukherji." Before she got married, Radhika served as an airhostess with Jet Airways and also holds a pilot's license. Radhika, whose husband hosted several music reality show, often wondered what happens to those young talents after the show gets over.

In May 2015, Radhika came up with a business plan and partnered with Amar Pandit, who handled the financial portfolio of Shaan and Radhika, often advised them to do something around music. For six months, they went on discussing the idea and Radhika continued to work from home. Since 2016, Radhika started working full-fledged on a concrete idea, Happydemic, better known as India's live entertainment specialists, and started attending office full-time. Though Shaan is not involved in any of the activities of the business, his goodwill actually helped the venture find inroads, claims Radhika.

On his contribution, Radhika says, "Whenever we are stuck in a creative concept, he helps us." Talking about the business model, Radhika shares, "Our business model is B2B2C. We have multiple offerings in music. We have got customers like Kotak, Standard Chartered, SBI, and more." Right now the platform has registered over 600 artists, out of which 500 artists are live on the website. Before getting registered on the platform, the artists have to go through voice quality checks and performance. After which their demo is live on the website. This is the same for all the artists who come from any reality show.

Veterans like Ghulam Mustafa, mentor the talent besides the digital support and grooming is given to each artist. Talking about her ambition with Happydemic, Radhika says, "By the end of this year, couple of stars will be born, we are working on having the pop culture back."

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Punita Sabharwal

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur India

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