This Is How Entrepreneur Can Beat Stress On A Busy Weekday

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As many as 70.7 per cent of American adults are overweight. That means that wherever you are reading this, you may have battled the health problems, self-esteem issues, and shame that come with carrying extra weight.


Losing the weight and getting fit is a dream for most of us, but there is a perception that it requires loads of time and patience – rare commodities for people who are so busy and so stressed out. While it's true that losing weight does take time and dedication, you'll be happy to hear that anyone can fit fitness into their daily routine when you know how to do it.

So if you're looking to lose weight and get fit then keep reading as we give you 5 ways to fit staying fit into your day.

Step 1: Exercise Anywhere

The first and arguably most important lesson you have to learn about adding a fitness plan to your daily routine is that it doesn't take hours and hours to get your heart rate up. In fact, there's serious debate about how long you need to train in order to enjoy the weight loss benefits of exercise.

Stop thinking that you need to get dressed, pack a bag full of gear, head to the gym, and train for hours every day to start getting, and staying, fit.

You can, and should, exercise anywhere. Bodyweight training uses movements likes push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees to elevate your heart rate in a small space – and you don't need a gym contract because you don't need any specialized equipment.

A short 20-minute workout every day is a great way to start your body's transformation. You can do it before you go to work or class, or, if you're not a morning person, squeeze in a quick training session over lunch. You'll soon find that you have pockets of time throughout the day that you can use for fitness.

Step 2: Plan Your Meals

Getting fit is about the consistent, dedicate commitment to eating healthily and exercising regularly. Most people let themselves down when it comes to the diet aspect of weight loss and general fitness, but that's not because a lack of passion – it often comes down to a lack of adequate preparation.

Buying, preparing, and packing enough food for 5 – 7 small meals a day is a tedious task. There are a number of approaches, from one weekly cooking marathon to using left overs as tactical meals to save time. While these may work, they're difficult to maintain in the long run.

Investing in a healthy meal service could be the answer. Suppliers now give you healthy, pre-packed, flash-frozen meals so that you don't have to worry about the preparation side of things. If you have a fast-paced lifestyle and time is an issue, this could work for you.

Step 3: Mix It Up

It's easy to get stuck into a rut, especially when you're exercising. Do you go jogging 4 times a week at 5AM? Switch it up and go for a long bicycle ride on a Saturday morning. Check out adventure sports. Download a new exercise program. Diversify your approach and you'll have more fun plus your body will keep growing as it adjusts to new challenges.

Step 4: Join A Group

Group exercise is not for everyone, but thanks to modern technology you can choose just how involved you get. Group training is great – aerobics, cycling, and team sports can boost your self-esteem, plus you'll feel obligated to train if you know you're meeting up with a group of people.

If you would prefer to keep your journey private, then consider an online weight loss forum. Share your progress anonymously if you want, but get it out there – you'll be surprised how big a motivation it can be. Plus, logging in and sharing an update is quick and easy.

Step 5: Be Realistic

Life happens to all of us. There are going to be family emergencies, parties, or last-minute meetings that are going to limit your training time. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a workout session. A little bit of training a day will get you to your goals in the long run, and because you only need a few minutes a day, you can always add 10 minutes to your next training session to make up for lost time.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, even if you walk for 15 minutes you're going to be fitter than you would have been if you'd spent that time sitting on the couch. Put down your phone, set your alarm a bit early, and start thinking of fitness as fun, and you'll start to see results.