Why Indian Jewellery Designs are Famous in International Market The uniqueness of the nation lies in the way art is mastered through every object, be it the dexterous work of a sculptor or the efficiency of a jeweller

By Kartik Nayyar

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India is admired for its artistic creativity in various fields for ages. Art and designs have been an integral part of the Indian civilization in every walk of life, and the country is specifically popular for its passion towards its artistic nature.

The globalization spree has also touched the culture of this seventh largest country, and for the better. The fusion of various cultures has just improvised our own traditions as well as the most essentials of art, though out the country.

While speaking about art, the role of artists in Indian traditional designs cannot be overlooked anyhow.

India being home to different yet colourful cultures, and every state has its own kind of artistry in its traditional jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is popular not just in the domestic market but also in the international market.

The exclusivity of the nation lies in the way art is mastered through every object, be it the dexterous work of a sculptor or the efficiency of a jeweller. The skill of the artisan is determined by the beauty with which the stones are carved out in each piece.

Traditional Jewellery of India is Popular from Colonial Era

Being the most diverse and amazing land, India has a lot to offer to the west. One of the popularly known jewellery design is, of course, the traditional Rajasthan Jewellery.

These are popular throughout India as well as in the global market. Another very well known form of Indian jewellery is the Kundan, the stone-studded ornaments that dazzle people with their glitter. Kundan Jewellery designs are made in such a way that they represent the mix of ancient and contemporary world.

Tribal Jewellery Not Far in the Race of Popularity

Another very popular form of jewellery in the west is the tribal jewellery. Known for its organic nature, ornaments are created using wood, clay, crude metal, shells and bones. The uniqueness of the jewellery is retained, and what is most interesting is that these jewelleries are not carved out of expensive metals or stones.

Craze in Hollywood

All thanks to Hollywood celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Adele and Jennifer Lopez, who are not just adorning them on their social media posts, but also showcasing their jewellery on the international events.

Paparazzi in Fashion weeks

All thanks to Fashion designers like Manish Arora and other internationally acclaimed fashion designers of India, who really showed the world that Indian jewelry is intrinsic and quite adaptable with every clothing.

Kartik Nayyar

Founder, OSR Jewellers

Kartik Nayyar is the founder of OSR Jewellers.

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