Women Entrepreneurs Share Which App Made Their Life Easier What made them go, "This made my life easier."

By Ritu Kochar

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There's nothing better than finding that you had a problem you couldn't find solution to and someone made an app for that. Just pure bliss when you say, "This is exactly what I needed to make my life easier."

Entrepreneurs have a little too much on their plate when it comes to problems. Women entrepreneurs who multitask like a boss, even more so. From handling kids to solving social problems, when they are not at home, they are outside solving problems of the world and making it a better place to live. They are making world an easier place to live for the rest of us. But what makes their lives easier? What apps can they rely on to have a little more comfort? We talked to some of the women entrepreneurs and this is what we found.

Zivame's comfortable innerwear and unbelieveably intuitive Cleartrip

Ashwini Ashokan, Co-founder of MAD Street Den

Cleartrip's UI is just so simple and unbelievably intuitive. I'm yet to see a mobile app with that kind of UX. Zivame has the most unbelievable underwear and little useful things for women that we didn't even think we could buy. I could technically say this about Big Basket, Practo, Ather and its bikes and all the other services I either use today or will be sometime in the future.

Conveneint and safe taxi rides with Uber and Ola

Ankita Jain, Co-founder, GoPaisa

Ankita Jain, Co-founder, GoPaisa

I have to travel a lot for my business meeting and for holidays. In unknown cities it was really difficult and I had to face a lot of hassle to manage transportation from one place to another. Uber and Ola have really come a boon for people like us, now I don't have to pre book a taxi for the whole day, where ever I am traveling, I can make a request and my Uber comes in few minutes. And the best part is, I know I am safe because of the location tracking

A startup that helps my startup - ONA

Priya Naik, Founder, Samhita

Currently we're exploring a couple of software programs that would make the management of our CSR programs easier. One of them is ONA, which is a startup that has a software helps us collect data and monitor what's happening on the field digitally, which will make the way in which we measure and assess our CSR programs a lot easier and more efficient

Relevant and snappy - Control

Ambika Sharma, Founder, Pulp Strategy

Control helps businesses manage the payments they receive online from customers. Businesses can manage multiple accounts on different devices. I find it relevant and very snappy to use in today's context.

Internet, Google and Apple - My Brahma, Vishnu and Ganesh

Arpita Ganesh, Founder, Buttercups

Arpita Ganesh, Founder, Buttercups

Let me answer that with what I say quiet often – I am an Atheist. But, if I did have a temple, it would have the Internet (Brahma), Google (Vishnu) and Mahesh (Apple) as my deities. And both these companies, though definitely not start-ups anymore, DO make my life easier every day. I cannot imagine what I would do without them.
Ritu Kochar

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

Ritu used to work as a Feature writer for Entrepreneur India.

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