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The universal challenge companies face is getting customers to discover their brand .

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Working with one of the largest medical groups dedicated to the research, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp disorders since 1970 and at the other end of the spectrum, being the mentor of a nascent startup, in the online lingerie business, I can confidently say that a universal challenge companies face is getting customers to discover their brand even with the best, most affordable product or service on offer. This is a challenge equally in large metros as it is in smaller towns where brands typically publicize less.

While I do subscribe to the adage that people are the same everywhere, I hope these tips on attracting clients in smaller towns and cities are useful.

1. Invest in 360 degree marketing
As a brand, investing in 360 degree marketing implies looking at ATL, BTL (such as in-shop and shop-front activities, promotions and telemarketing, which work better for gauging customer response) advertising, and digital platforms, which would resonate strongly with a Gen X target audience.

2. Tap into regional and vernacular media
If your brand has a presence in Patiala (Punjab, India) and your target audience is people who like Mercedes cars and are male, you are better off going with marketing agencies that can help you make inroads into the regional media and in turn tap into that market. Agencies geared towards this will target only your segment and will be very ROI driven.

3. Use Facebook that works across the board
Digital media wise Generation X is pretty hooked on to Facebook, even though they may use Google or other social media. Generation Y people in comparison are frequenters on all digital platforms. Facebook is a great leveller across age, category and location. People in Kolkata who post stuff on Facebook, for instance will get equal views across India.

4. Get a brand ambassador who is recognized across India
DHI India was lucky to find a brand ambassador in Virender Sehwag, who with his pan India fan adulation, worked wonders for our brand. A pan India role model such as Sehwag builds a lot of affinity with folks in small towns and cities where the affinity for cricket and Bollywood is huge. Having a nationally loved and recognized role model wins a lot of favor from shy people as when they see a role model openly talk about hair loss then their shyness and awkwardness goes away.

5. Have a smart pricing strategy
Target audiences in smaller towns and cities are price conscious and looking for deals. One way to address that is to iron out cost concerns across the board in small towns and big metros.

6. It's easy
In small towns, first customers don't have as many options, and people tend to be more trusting there if they see a brand making a genuine and authentic pitch. A hard sell will not always work but educating customers and thinking about their well-being will take brands the extra mile.

Ajay Bansal


Ajay Bansal, Managing Director of INQUBE Innovations private Limited has a vast industry experience of over 20 years. He is currently heading a portfolio of businesses in diverse areas including consumer/healthcare, e-commerce, etc

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