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Managing Venues and Clients: # 4 Key Steps That'll Help Organize Better Events The convenience of a location needs to be considered because no matter how amazing a venue is, guests won't turn up if it's inconvenient for them

By Geeta Raj Rawtani

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Venue hunting can be a task, and managing clients who're looking for the perfect venue for their events and functions requires an even more ardent effort. The experiential events space in India is quite demanding, but understanding a few basics can make things much easier for an entrepreneur operating in this space.

Importance of Finding the Perfect Venue

The decision regarding the venue is the foremost step a client takes when organizing an event and there's so much that goes into deciding the right venue. A lot of things need to be considered and it is essential to ensure that the client gets all or most of their requirements taken care of. A venue doesn't just mean a pretty place for a wedding function. Neither does it mean just a lavish property for a corporate event. There are many other things like location, facilities, budget etc. that play a major role in finalizing a venue and all these factors are of prime importance.

Getting a Confused Client to Decide

More often than not, clients are confused between a few venue options that they've shortlisted for their functions. A confused client is highly prone to getting more confused, which causes an indefinite delay in decision making.

The key is to genuinely try and help the client. Make your client weigh the pros and cons of each venue quickly. The convenience of the location needs to be considered because no matter how amazing a venue is, half the guests won't turn up if it's inconvenient for them. The clients' budget is of utmost importance to them, so that should be compared as well. The moment you help a client see more pros is one venue compared to another, you've got yourself a deal!

Getting Venue Managers to Give in to Your Clients' Wants

Give your venue managers a solid reason. Tell them that you'll actively promote their venues if they give in to a particular client's wants, even if they've to go out of their way to do it, and you've satisfied two of your biggest stakeholders - your suppliers and your consumers. There's nothing wrong in promoting certain venues as better than others especially when they go out of their way to meet the client's specific requirements. In fact, it's actually good service that you're offering to promote which works as a great aid for your potential clients.

Satisfy a Client Emotionally

In India, a lot of events come with a big bag of emotions riding on them and ultimately, as a service provider, it is these emotions that you need to cater to. Sometimes you'll come across clients with limited resources and that shouldn't mean that their emotional attachment to the event they wish to organize is any lesser than that of your wealthy whales. Make an extra effort, negotiate a little further, find similar quality at lesser prices, do whatever it is that you can possibly do without incurring losses, but make sure that your clients leave happy.

Venues are a touchy subject in India, even for corporate events, hence so much thought goes into finding a perfect one. Making this primary step easier for the client makes a lot of difference to them since it saves a lot of time and effort that they would otherwise spend in finding a venue. Finding the right balance between your suppliers and consumers creates a credible and profitable space for you to operate in and it may not seem easy in the beginning, but it's definitely the path to take for creating brand value that lasts.

Geeta Raj Rawtani

Co-Founder, Massimo Ventures

Geeta Raj Rawtani is the Co-founder of Massimo Ventures.

Formed in February 2016, Massimo Ventures is the perfect amalgamation of e-commerce and hands-on event management expertise and research. It is this in-depth knowledge of venues and consumer-centric strategy that will help sustain and grow their position in the modern market space.



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