5 Things You Don't Know About Athlete Neeraj Chopra A star has risen...

By Puneet Kapani

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Neeraj Chopra has been the best athlete in track and the pro champ in every field. The sports champ has made his place winning his first Olympics gold medal in Tokyo for India. Every Indian is proud of Chopra, for his impressive dedication to athletics. Still, some facts are unknown about this pathbreaking athlete - Neeraj Chopra. You will find these amazing unknown facts exciting to read. Here's what you don't know about the Olympic history maker!

1. Overweight Neeraj Chopra
The fittest athlete Neeraj Chopra was overweight in his childhood. Like every child's story, one's grandmother loves to feed dishes thinking of losing weight. Neeraj even loved the food prepared by his grandmother. He had gained around 90 Kg when he was 12 years old. Eventually, he got fit when he stepped into practicing Javelin Throw.

2. The Consistent Athlete
Neeraj Chopra and his power in junior level performances had already touched the sky as there's no limit. Yes, this is even before the much-celebrated Olympic gold. At the IAAF World U-20 championship that was held in Poland, he won a gold medal because of his great throw that hit 86.48 meters. Hence, India received its first gold medal in athletics at the world stage. That was a proud moment for India as it was the new world record in that particular category.

3. Number of medals Neeraj Chopra Won
Neeraj Chopra had made a bright career in sports. Significantly, his records depict uncountable medals since he started his career. At the Asian Games in 2018, he won the gold medal. Again, he won a gold medal in Asian Championship and South Asian Games. He received the same results at the Commonwealth games in Javelin throw touching 86.47 meters. He has been the first Indian to achieve a gold medal at the
Commonwealth games.

4. Record-Breaking Actions
There are no limits for Neeraj Chopra, he has broken all the records set in Nationals. In the Doha Diamond League, he went on breaking his first record with a throw hitting 87.43 meters. Later, in Asian Games in the year 2018, he again broke his record, and the same he did at the Indian Grand Prix with a throw hitting 88.07 meters.

5. Trained by Genus Coach
Previously, Neeraj Chopra was trained by legendary coach Garry Calvert who passed away in 2018. Presently, he has been trained by German Uwe Hohn who is a retired coach and has a good track record in the field of athletics. He had breached around the 100-meter mark in the Javelin throw.

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