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Breaking Boundaries: How One Leader Envisions the Union of Technology and Wellness Simran Kaur, a leader in the healthcare industry, is redefining success and happiness by integrating her predictive medicine expertise with her passion for ancient healing practices

By Jitender Bhagat

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Simran Kaur

As the lines between science and wellness have started to get blurry, one figure stands out in harmonizing cutting-edge healthcare and holistic well-being. Simran Kaur, a leader in the healthcare industry, is redefining success and happiness by integrating her predictive medicine expertise with her passion for ancient healing practices.

Kaur's Wellness Journey

Kaur's journey testifies to the power of self-discovery. Armed with a bachelor's in pharmacy, a master's in business administration and a master's in public health, she spent over a decade climbing the corporate ladder, leading groundbreaking initiatives in biotech, diagnostics, and health tech.

Her journey goes beyond personal fulfilment as she revolutionizes the healthcare industry. Currently at a Silicon Valley startup, she is leading the commercialization of a groundbreaking technology that enables early cancer detection through a simple blood draw.

Her work at AI-driven health technology company Anumana was instrumental in developing industry-leading AI algorithms on ECGs to predict heart disease. As a founding member, Kaur helped establish Anumana in April 2021 and raised $85 million through two funding rounds. She led biopharma collaborations with Novartis, Pfizer, and Janssen to develop advanced data analytics techniques and adopt AI for early detection of disease.

Bridging Science and Wellness

Despite her professional success, Kaur found herself yearning for something more.

"Money cannot buy you fulfilment and happiness," Kaur reflects. "I had done most things that I was told would make me happy, but I still felt like something was missing."

It was a transformative trip to Peru with her sister that led Kaur to rediscover the power of breathwork, an ancient practice she had learned as a child but had forgotten in the chaos of modern life in the US. This experience sparked a profound shift in her perspective, leading her to explore a new path.

"I want to be a bridge between cutting-edge science and ancient healing practices," Kaur states. "These worlds exist at opposite ends of the spectrum. Finding the middle ground is the key to unlocking true well-being."

Now a certified trauma-informed breathwork coach, Kaur's vision is clear: to connect science and ancient healing practices. She aims to redefine success, happiness, and well-being by developing a unique blend of breathwork sessions and making them evidence-driven.

With the current mental health epidemic in the US, where nearly one in five adults live with a mental illness, she believes that conventional counselling and therapy do not work for everyone.

"Science shows that 90% of our behaviour, actions, and beliefs are driven by our subconscious mind, including our self-limiting beliefs," Kaur explains. "Talk therapy, coaching, and drugs all target the conscious mind, which only accounts for 10% of our behaviour and belief system."

Kaur emphasizes that most people carry past baggage and experiences, operating from algorithms formed by the young age of five. "One cannot change limiting beliefs by thinking or analysing with their conscious brain. That's why many people find themselves stuck in the same patterns," she adds. Transformational breathwork finds application here.

"Transformational breathwork acts on the subconscious brain to rewire the nervous system. It induces a state of 'transient hypo-frontality' that can release stress and trauma from the body," Kaur explains.

Kaur believes true healing comes from addressing inner traumas and connecting with nature and one's authentic inner self. By merging her expertise in healthcare technology with her certification as a reiki healer and breathwork teacher, she aims to one day offer a holistic approach to well-being that resonates with the modern individual.

Kaur's Call to Action

Kaur inspires people seeking to thrive in every aspect of their lives. She invites individuals to embark on a transformative self-discovery journey, where success is redefined, happiness is elevated, and well-being becomes a way of life.

"Healthcare's future relies on harmonizing advanced science with the timeless principles of holistic well-being. It's time for individuals to thrive in every aspect of their life – professionally, personally, and beyond," Kaur shared. Although pursuing success often comes at the cost of personal well-being, Kaur proves melding science and wellness can lead to more fulfilment. Her journey from big pharma to health tech startups, and now as a certified trauma-informed breathwork coach, highlights how self-discovery, mixed with embracing technology and holistic healing practices, can achieve harmony of mind, body, and spirit.


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