Disappearing Act: Twitter Removes Policy Post After Backlash

The tweet said that the micro-blogging platform will not allow people to post handles and links of other social networks promoting business. The tweet had been posted by the handle @TwitterSupport.

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A controversial policy tweet was deleted by Twitter, according to which it forbid people from posting handles and links promoting other social networks. The tweet had been posted by the handle @TwitterSupport.

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The blog post of the policy was removed too after there was a huge backlash against it. This was done shortly after Twitter owner Elon Musk had started a Twitter poll where users could vote if they wanted him to step down as the head of the platform.

According to the original post, Twitter "no longer allows free promotion of certain social media platforms" on Twitter. It also said that it would be removing accounts "created solely for the purpose of promoting other social networks." The list of social media platforms included Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr, and Post. Additionally, link-in-bio tools such as Linktree would also be banned.

In other words, they had said the company would be removing those accounts which would promote other social media platforms which contained links to the above mentioned social media platforms.

Such issues are cropping up almost on an everyday basis, as the social media platform faces its most tumultuous phase yet. Musk had also banned the accounts of several journalists such as CNN's Donie O'Sullivan, The New York Times' Ryan Mac, The Washington Post's Drew Harwell and former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann. He later held a poll asking whether their accounts should be restored, which was implemented for some of the journalists, after the poll results were in the affirmative.

He also started a poll asking whether he should step down as the CEO of Twitter. Musk said he was very serious about following through with the poll results and added in a follow up thread: "As the saying goes, be careful what you wish, as you might get it." But this hardly seems to be the end of the topsy turvy ride that Twitter is going through for all the world to see, as ever since Musk took over the platform he has only shifted from one controversy to another one. Whether it is laying off staff, telling them to work extra hard or get fired, the blue tick saga, public spats with past and present employees and public figures, it seems difficult to predict where the social media platform's future is headed towards.