Google Innovates A ChatGPT Like Tool Called 'Apprentice Bard'

Google's company Alphabet Inc has asked its staff to test an alternative AI tool to ChatGPT.

By Kavya Pillai


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The biggest search engine company, Google along with the world has been taken aback by OpenAI's ChatGPT. In recent reports, Google's company Alphabet Inc has asked its staff to test an alternative AI tool to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT, the large language chatbot, had garnered over a million users in just five days of its launch. This was largely due to the chatbot's human-like responses to questions. The chatbot also nudged the tech world to brainstorm over its use cases which would eventually make several tasks easier and keep them at the top with its latest innovations.

Google's staff are currently texting an AI chatbot called 'Apprentice Bard' which response similarly to ChatGPT. This tool is built on LaMDA technology which is the same as OpenAI's large language model for ChatGPT. The LaMDA is a Language Model for Dialogue Applications.

One of the most apparent differences between Apprentice Bard and ChatGPT is the former's ability to include recent events in the responses. OpenAI had earlier stated that ChatGPT knows events and surroundings till the year 2021.

In a recent report, Apprentice Brad demonstrated its knowledge of current events by answering a question about Google's recent layoffs. A tester asked Apprentice Brad if there would be another round of layoffs at Google, to which it responded, "According to my database access, it is unlikely for Google to conduct another round of layoffs in 2023… Layoffs are generally conducted to reduce costs and structure, but the company is doing well financially. In fact, Google's revenue increased by 34% in 2021, and the company's stock price has risen by 70% since January 2022."

Google is aggressively working towards creating its own ChatGPT-like AI chatbot. However, the timeline of the new innovations remains unclear.

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