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How Global Counterparts of Indian Startups are Doing Things Differently A recent quote by Ratan Tata claiming that Indian startups have less chutzpah as compared to their foreign counterparts are the Words that can Change a Nation

By Ritu Marya

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A recent quote by Ratan Tata claiming that Indian startups have less chutzpah as compared to their foreign counterparts are the Words that can Change a Nation.

It surely got the editorial desk at Entrepreneur India to do a Stop Press and take a u-turn on its cover story. It got us thinking what has made the most illustrious entrepreneur and change investor to look beyond the country for better business ideas in the west.

What makes the US start-ups so special? Interestingly, Entrepreneur magazine in the US has put together a fine list of 50 most daring startups and shared what constitutes their strong competitive drive, openness to innovation, experimentation and even failure.

And, we decided to publish the same for our India edition: 50 entrepreneurs who are standing tall, makes for a very insightful read for both the investors and entrepreneurs to evaluate how their global counterparts are doing things differently.

From Jeff Bezos of Amazon is a great account of what makes him do the new making him our cover feature this November. Co-working spaces have now become the Airbnb of new-age commercial real estate in India. What looked like a trend two years ago has become a cultural business thread in 2017. What makes them special is the culture of collaboration it breeds in-house and the way it takes loneliness out Raising the Bar of entrepreneur's challenging journey.

The second edition of Entrepreneur's co-working spaces does a deep dive to weigh the infrastructure on basis of community, events, affordability, amenities and terms flexibility. "To be or not to Be."

Cryptocurrency has been getting flak and favor in equal measures. Our lead story takes a look into it as a great investment bet on the cutting edge of new-age financial technology.

And it has also dawned that bitcoins will survive in the long run but its valuation might collapse. Amongst one of my recommended great read is on startups, which are coming forward to do the new in the otherwise heavily firewalled defense sector of India.

Filling the gaps in the technological and financial space, simultaneously tapping on the industry that is going to swell up to a whopping INR 83 lakh crore in 2022 is a sure shot sign of CHANGING INDIA.

(This article was first published in the November, 2017 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. To subscribe, click here)

Ritu Marya

Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Media (APAC & India)

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