This E-Commerce Platform Provides Customized Luxury Products At Affordable Prices Etchcraft Emporium, an e-commerce platform, is turning heads with its premium ready-to-go personalized products with its stores at the heart of Delhi University, North Campus at Bungalow Road, and Kamla Nagar

By Srivatsa KR

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Etchcraft Emporium, an e-commerce platform for customized luxury products

Product customization has created a name for itself in the e-commerce business and has piqued the interest of online merchants. It has grown into a large internet industry that caters to a wide range of products. Some brands have built their entire company around product customization, while others are incorporating customization trends into their operations to improve the buying experience. One such e-commerce platform that provides customized luxury products at affordable prices is Etchcraft Emporium. It was incepted by two childhood best friends, Vidhan Jain and Raghav Bansal, both of whom are hustling their way onto the digital age.

The brand is turning head with its premium ready-to-go personalized products with its stores at the heart of Delhi University, North Campus at Bungalow Road, and Kamla Nagar. Etchcraft Emporium believes that although people usually equate personalized products with gifting, yet there is an incredible desire among people to personalize their belongings with the things that mean the most to them. With the motto, to create a world where the customers can represent themselves on their fashion choices, it majorly functions on three USPs which are- Intricate customization, Minimal designs, and Product Quality.

This incredible duo of both the founders of which, Vidhan Jain is an MBA from Fore School of Management and Raghav Bansal has done Masters in Business Law from Monash University, Australia is constantly setting up new milestones in the industry. Talking about their perspective towards the growing demand for customized products, the founders stated, "Customer loyalty is one of the most significant advantages of product personalization. And there's no better way to earn a customer's loyalty than to give them complete control over product personalisation. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor in gaining that loyalty."

Vidhan Jain (left) and Raghav Bansal (Right), founders of Etchcraft Emporium

The founders of this 2019 based startup are bringing the world to a unique 3D printing concept with their debut product being a Personalised Lamp, which was attractively wrapped and included the purchaser's choice of photo. One of the most unique features that the brand caters to is that traditional watchmaking is being revolutionized by Etchcraft Emporium. The watch is uniquely customized to each user's preferences, with a focus on customer interaction and happiness. A dial made to order with the customer's name, putting forth great effort to bring a smile to the customer's face.

A few years ago, custom-made products were mostly limited to personalized mobile cases and mugs, where people would have their photos printed on their phone covers or gift customized mugs, and it was mostly seen in physical stores. But in recent years, the demand for custom-made products has skyrocketed of which the founders of the brand Etchcraft Emporium are very well versed. Engraving is a skill that not everyone possesses and for a while, Etchcraft outsourced engraving at first, but no one could tailor things well. The founders had to spend hours adjusting the equipment and making sure that each product accurately reflected the customers. Before the craftsman can engrave on each of the orders, they must complete at least 120 hours of instruction.

The brand under the surveillance of both its founders, Vidhan Jain and Raghav Bansal is creating a new milestone is touching new horizons of success. The creativity and innovation that the owners embark on each of their orders are helping them embark on a footprint of their brand. Following the famous saying, "It's what you do in the dark which puts you in the light", Etchcraft Emporium intends to keep learning on every step of their journey.

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