Tips And Tricks To Multifold Sales Through Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn't merely capitalizing on someone's image to increase sales

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By Ankita Jain


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Social media sites and applications were initially for entertainment purposes merely, but gradually they turned the table by helping people to earn and establishing themselves. These sites have transformed several ordinary people into social media influencers alongside triggering the promotional activities of thousands of startups.

What is influencer marketing?

Anybody can become an influencer without having any specific course or degree. If you have followers be it one or a hundred then you can generate engagement. Likewise, aspiring influencers always strive to grow their following. It's a general theory that people wish to buy from other people. For this, they recommend someone they know, follow or like.

Influencer marketing is simply a way to promote a brand through endorsements or recommendations from an influencer on the Internet. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to expand a company's reach, increase credibility in an industry, and establish oneself as a thought leader within a field of expertise. This kind of marketing works for brand awareness campaigns as well. It has set up a remarkable trend in the market that almost every brand, either new or established, are using by knowing its worth. Though, influencer marketing isn't merely capitalizing on someone's image to increase sales. More often, this marketing is about establishing that individual as a trusted authority in their area of expertise and defining the conversations around a given topic.

Key strategies to grow sales with influencer marketing

Research the influencer you want for your brand with keeping in mind the budget you can bear. Always set a budget and management strategy before choosing an influencer.

Always ensure that the influencers you work with are aligned with your values and mission. Therefore, embark with those influencers whose posts relate to your brands smartly. It may be advantageous for your product sale if you choose an influencer who already posts about similar things to your service. For example, if you're a restaurant and want to promote a new menu, then you should look for those influencers who generally post about dining out or the food they eat. Hence, planning for an influencer with a targeted audience according to your product or brand may prove handy in earning quick sales.

Usually, influencers possess a large and engaged audience that brands can tap into to build credibility and even drive sales. Hence, choosing an influencer with a targeted audience matching your specific brand would give you an extra boom.

Influencers who are well-connected with their fans and community through regular communication are considered to be an asset in promoting a brand with pace. If you are transparent with your followers over your entity and endorsements, then you win their trust. If an influencer spends time responding and chatting with his followers, it creates a bridge of trust between them which plays a pivotal role ahead in endorsing a brand leading to better sales.

Instead of providing an advertisement to your influencers to read for the followers, always impart all the necessary information to them about the product so that the targeted audience can decide on the product. It further helps in driving sales through influencer marketing.

Always review and refine your strategy even while your influencer marketing campaign continues. There are various ways to track the success of your campaign.

Concluding lines

When any content is shared by a human face, it relates to the masses better than being shared by a faceless company. Influencer marketing has seen an exceptional change within a short period in the Indian markets. Coming next five years may bring a rage with no surprise. An influencer marketing campaign is the same as most marketing campaigns with a simple sequence of research, setting a budget, determining goals, choosing the influencer and review and revise the campaign. Since the influencer marketing arena reaches common people from celebs, it has drastically changed the market. In the coming times, as many people adapt to social media, as much we will see the influence of influence marketing covering every range and type of product. Collaborating with the right strategy may prove more beneficial than any other existing marketing tactic.

Ankita Jain

Co-founder and chief marketing officer, GoPaisa

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