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How Virtual Reality is Changing the Way You Construct your House Virtual reality helps in giving consumers a better picture to their rough ideas, helping them decide what they want

By Sanchita Dash

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When you construct a house, it's not just an investment of money; it is years of hard work put together to build a home of dreams for the years to come. So, when people build their house, every detail is looked into with precision. From architects to interior designers to Vaastu experts, everyone is consulted and then a sketch is made.

However, what you visualise is not always what you get. During the construction, often things go haywire and you have to makedo with what's done. Being a high-value purchase, this has always been a cause of frustration for the homeowner.

With the introduction of technology in real estate, the story has a different ending now. Globally renowned brands like IKEA that relied on the brick and mortar model where they let customers experience the products at their stores are now working on apps where one can experience the products from the comfort of their home.

Visualising Their Future Home

Start-ups in the interior design space are changing the rules of the game. What was once an offline model, where a person would pay upfront and only see the final, actual interiors after installation, has now transformed into an online model where the homeowner can visualise the enter space. It's as real as it gets.

This is where Virtual Reality comes in. Most start-ups these days are partnering with interior designers to create VR looks for the customer. At Livspace, they are harnessing the power of virtual reality (VR), which could potentially disrupt the real estate and home interiors market just the way internet companies did a decade ago.

Talking about it, Anuj Srivastava, CEO, Livspace said, "In our Design Centres, we've set up dedicated zones to offer homeowners the opportunity to experience their home interiors through VR headsets. Imagine the power to actually walk around your home, see the proposed furniture, wall textures and decor; stopping to inspect the sofa, feel how spacious the room is, and even change the marble flooring to wood."

Consumer First Approach

The main aim of every company is to gain the satisfaction of the end consumer. So, with virtual reality they aim to get rid of the complaints post the work is done. It also helps in giving the consumers a better picture to their rough ideas, thus helping them even decide what they want.

MyGubbi, an online platform looks at creating customised home interiors for its consumers, is betting on VR for the future of real estate and design. "Design is a very subjective field and VR is a critical element in the visualization of designs. It's a lot easier for the customers to get a sense of their homes with VR and for them to get a buy-in. We have worked on a curated set of designs which will use futuristic technology to assist customers in understanding the designs in a realistic sense," said Ravi Rao, Co-founder, MyGubbi.

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