Is Spending Time Abroad of Any Help in the Success of a Start-up?

You develop the ability to question the age-old ineffective techniques and methodologies by moving to a new world and it forms a threshold for new ideas and solutions

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By Sania Gupta

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Are you planning to start a venture of your own?

Have you travelled or planning to abroad?

Are you wondering if travelling can be of any help?

If yes is the answer to the above questions, it implies you definitely are on track for your start-up. Travelling abroad may be a holiday for most of us but spending time abroad is a perfect move if you are planning a start-up soon. Staying abroad can be accompanied by a host of inherent benefits if initiating a new venture is on the charts. You might not be a travel enthusiast or you may be apprehensive about going into unknown, new arenas because of the fear of uncertainty. But this is the most called-for move in times of digitalization and automation. You may ask why and how? Have a quick glance at the following heads and you will be convinced of meeting new people and exploring different time zones.

Sachin Jain, Director at Girnar Global Study Abroad Consultants, suggests, "Studying abroad can open up more avenues, connections and a whole lot of exposure to knowledge which can be of great help if you intend to start up a self-owned venture."

1. Challenge the status quo

When you move to a different world, you explore novel ways of dealing with antiquated techniques effectively. You develop the ability to question the age-old ineffective techniques and methodologies, which forms a threshold for new ideas and solutions.

Dr Rajdeep Singh, Co-founder of Medism, brings to light, "Travelling has brought into picture new technologies of treatment and made the process of administering medicines cheaper and beneficial to the patients."

You can efficaciously compare what works in home surroundings vis-à-vis surroundings all over the globe. This brings fresh insight into catering to new problems and hence a perfect layout for a start-up idea is ready.

2. Networking and resources

Isn't it a marvellous idea to expand your horizon and network with new people with different ideologies and languages, new obstacles and new solutions to each?

Parveen Daryani, CEO of A & A Business Consulting, endorses, "Meeting new people has helped me understand multifarious dimensions of business management with a global approach. This has helped us devise effectual business scenarios which can help clients work in domestic as well as global markets."

Networking has been one of the most vital survival organs in the business world today, helping you lay your hands on a multitude of clients and employees too. Arpit Jain, Managing Director of Promatics Information Technology, swears, "The world is a global market and travelling abroad has helped me acquaint myself with the most brilliant brains and exposed a whole lot of foreign clients, which has been a boost to my start-up."

Have you heard of a plethora of new terminologies- nomadic entrepreneurs or global bloggers or global professors? These are terms which were unheard of a couple of years back and now travelling has enabled these professions to bloom. A new league of international peers and mentors will help you carve a niche for yourself with ease.

3. A confident and well equipped new-you

Unravelling new places will help you become more confident and will render all your doubts futile. You will be well equipped to conquer challenges and fears. "International acquaintances help you to be a better problem solver and bring out the creativity in you. The increase in the awareness and confidence will help you deal with unaccounted challenges and unchartered routes effectively," says Ramneet Kaur, COO at Rapid Skillz.

Worth a ponder- When you have studied abroad or spent a considerable time abroad, you will definitely detect new opportunities and find logical and creative solutions for problems which haven't yet been envisaged by people at the domestic front. You are likely to be more confident and an excellent communicator. You will be able to navigate the spontaneous, unplanned contingencies with efficacy and build a long-lasting start-up.

Sania Gupta


Sania Gupta is also Founder and CEO, Digital Kangaroos, an author, entrepreneur, marketer and blogger. And as a career coach at My Study Destination, she has helped thousands of students realize their dreams.

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