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#3 Steps to Turn Your Passion into a Leading Career It will be a great thought if you are looking forward to nurturing your passion with a business perspective.

By Dr. Vivek Bindra

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It is rare to see passion and profession go hand in hand. But it is possible to see a compatibility in what people love and what they really do. Here are few tricks to identify your hidden talent and live it as a defined career which can actually give you more content and transformed life.

Recognize your Passion

We can see various examples from the students' perspectives related to their career selection. Lots of brainstorming questions obstruct their mind in search of answers like:

  • Which course should they go ahead to build their strong career?
  • What kind of work they should do?
  • What to do and how to do?
  • What to select as a career?
  • And how to select the profession?

The reason behind non-clarity of goal among the students is just because they have not identified their passion till yet. Passion for a particular thing is what an individual can do at any point of time be it at free time, at rest time, at the sleepy time and without charging a money too. The history is created by passionate people and not by the intellectual people. Say a boy loves singing and dancing, this is his hobby but if he wants to become a good chef, this is his passion.

Track a Direction Towards Your Dream

It will be a great thought if you are looking forward to nurturing your passion with a business perspective. It brings you to the next level once you make up your mind to give your full dedication and efforts to your dreams. Live your passion for reality. Point to consider here is that identify any social need or problem which relates your passion with the society. Hobby in itself will not give you a source of earning. If you succeed in tapping the market requirement in context with your hobby you will get a directional way to live your dreams into a reality.

For example, your passion could be painting, make sure your readiness to go beyond your comfort zone and pay more efforts towards enhancing your painting skills to a specific core. Further, you can carry forward your passion into your profession by organizing painting events at various art galleries.

Sustainable Profession

Once you get the goal of your life by associating your passion with the social issues, you need to turn your goal into a business. Design a strong business strategy and apply it to your business which further helps in yielding more revenues.

For instance, Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, Facebook, lived his passion for developing computer software from his middle school and then he continued his passion by developing Synapse Media Player software as a high school project. He was further acknowledged as Programming prodigy and started a venture of Facemash during his college life at Harvard University. That Facemash venture was further turned into a big business named as Facebook.

The crux of Mark's story is to identify your passion towards your dreams and give a directional path to live it to the fullest.

Dr. Vivek Bindra

International motivational speaker

Dr. Bindra is a renowned International motivational speaker and leadership trainer. He has around 1,500 clients spread across 25 countries. He is working towards empowering Indian businesses by sharing management solutions extracted from Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.

He is the winner of best leadership trainer award by Dr. Marshal Goldsmith at World HRD Congress 2016. He was conferred with the Honorary Ph.D. degree, Doctorate of Philosophy from OIUM University of Colombo.


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