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4 Influencers And Their Intriguing Content Creation Journeys At the Tech And Innovation Summit 2023 organised by Entrepreneur India in Bangalore, one of the panel discussions saw finfluencers and tech creators come together on stage to talk about their respective journeys.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

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Content creation is a booming business and the number of influencers are growing at a rapid pace. But how did they reach the top? What led to their success and what did they do to reach there? At the Tech And Innovation Summit 2023 organised by Entrepreneur India in Bangalore, one of the panel discussions saw finfluencers and tech creators come together on stage to talk about their respective journeys.

With new forms of media changing the way we speak to the audience, whether it be short-form video and long-form podcasting, each creator has their own unique journey. While some started off in college and found fame quickly, for others the journey took a bit more time. Some knew what they wanted to do, while others stumbled onto video creation and stuck to it after becoming successful.

Finfluencer Neha Nagar

After failing in her CA course, Nagar went on to do her MBA and got placed in a wealth management firm. Meeting her business clients made her realise that even she wanted to start something on her own, which led her to begin her own taxation firm. With the lockdown the footfall of clients reduced and wanting to do something she started creating finance related content on Tik Tok, which later transitioned to Instagram.

"In the comments section people would ask me about stock market, finances and other issues, which I had always assumed that everyone knew just like me," Nagar said while speaking about her journey. With viewers asking queries on different finance related matters, she continued to make content related to it which led her to get full time into content creation, and as of now she has an intimidating 1.4 million followers just on Instagram.

Content creator and entrepreneur Tejas Patil

Aged 16 when a classmate showed him a wallet containing 8,000 INR, Patil realized that one could earn money creating YouTube videos. Trying his hand at comedy content, eventually he realized that unboxing and reviewing phones and other tech related content was his forte. "I was always the go to person in my family for any tech related issues, for example if the PC wasn't functioning they would come and ask me about it," Patil narrated. He would borrow phones from his friends who had bought new phones and review them, following which he started listicle videos where he doled out advice on topics such as 'Top laptops to buy under 40,000 INR'. In 2021, with Reels being introduced, he got into short form content.

Ashutosh Pratap Singh and ethical hacking

His journey started off with a fake video when he was in the first year of his college and hi exams had just gotten over - How can you connect on someone's wifi and shut down their computer? Although it turned out to be a fake video, it ignited a curiosity in him. In the holidays which he had he did a free course on ethical hacking. Wanting to share this with others, he started his Instagram account where he would post content on hacking.

"We also did not want to limit ourselves to Instagram, like many other creators were doing. So we created a community on Telegram which has lakhs of members where they can directly ask me anything and I am in touch with them on a personal level," Singh said when talking about how to connect with the audience.

Not one to be affected by numbers, he is more excited by the entire process- whether it be shooting, writing or looking at the responses.

Tech influencer Jai Arora

Jai's journey too started while in college with his interest in technology. While his friends would go out partying, Jai would spend his time at home making videos. When Reels began, he was initially hesitant of venturing into them but finally did and when at 3000+ followers felt he was stuck at a point. So he showed his videos to friends and family, asking them for feedback. "I would make my friends and family follow accounts of top influencers so that they could tell me what they were doing and what I was missing out on, so that I would improve myself," Arora told the audience.

While working as a software developer he sat down his parents and told them he would want to dedicate some time to exclusively making videos and not doing a job. With the help of his supportive parents, he gradually built his own studio, continuing creating videos. The big jump came when he grew from 3,000 followers to 1,00,000 followers within one month of starting his studio.
Kabir Singh Bhandari

Former Senior Assistant Editor

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