#5 Hidden Tricks and Tips on OnePlus 7 Pro That Proves It is A Flagship Killer

OnePlus 7 Pro isn't just a phone, it is a world that will leave you surprised and delighted both at the same time

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When a smartphone company known for making flagship phones comes with a premium version flagship killer phone in the market, a tech innovation like OnePlus 7 Pro is invented. It's a phone that has left the entire tech world surprised by its innovation and aesthetically pleased at the same time.


Known for its slogan "Never Settle", the phone till date has stood true to its motto. And with every phone launch, the belief of Android users in the brand just develops even more. One plus is more than just a phone with tons of feature that can leave many confused and intimidated.

One thing that OnePlus has achieved and no one else has is the software. The Oxygen OS has always been its highlight and has a global appeal. The 7 Pro model has both great hardware and software.

By this time you might have either bought this model or must be planning to buy one, considering the OnePlus 7 Pro Nebula blue just went on shelves on Tuesday. While many of you might have got the first-hand experience while some might have read a lot, but there are still tons of hidden tricks and tips that no one have told you about.

So if you have already bought the phone, or plan to here are a few tips and tricks you might try your hands on.

1. Auto Drop Detection

In case you are clumsy and your phone often keeps dropping, this is the feature specially made for you. When the front camera is out and you drop this phone, it automatically detects that it's falling and the camera goes inside before it hits the ground. Though it sounds like a cool feature, stay away from experimenting it.

2. Adjusting Resolution and Refresh Rate

When it comes to giving a refresh rate on display, OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the few phones to do so. But once you start using the phone you will realise that one can only notice it when you are scrolling the screen.

But everything has a price to pay and if you want high smoothness, the price is your battery which drains out really fast. So when you are away from your charger make sure you reduce the resolution and save down on the battery.

How to do it? Go on Settings > Display.

3. Screen Recording

Well, this is one of the coolest features and you are going to love this. You know screenshots, but this phone has an in-built screen recording feature. But with Zen Mode, you will have to need to add this option on the quick settings panel.

Once the needful is done, tap the screen recording button and check the recording controls. Here's how it function.

To record- Tap on the red button

Gear Icon- To make changes in the settings

X button – Close screen recorder

4. Changing Fingerprint Sensor/ Animation Effect

Oneplus has an animation to help with your finger placement, which can be changed by simply going to the settings.

Settings > Security & lock screen > Fingerprint > Fingerprint animation effect.

These are the three options available. However, in case you want to get rid of the animation you can just disable it.

5. Zen Mode

Ever wondered what would be life like if you couldn't control your phone for 20 minutes? For those literally, survive on their phone, Zen Mode is a feature to try. One Plus has taken some aggressive steps and just locks you out of it for good 20 minutes.

Though don't freak out, the phone lets you make important phone calls, you can receive calls as well. One can access the camera but you are still locked out. FYI, even restarting your phone will not let you get out of this mode until 20 minutes are up.

How to add it? Add the mode to your quick setting panel. Click on the pencil icon and drag the ZEN MODE icon. Once you confirm entering that mode, there is no coming back from it, until the timer gets over.