5 Ways IoT Can Shape the Future of Utilities at Home Implementing IoT can have a significant impact on the way energy is used and managed which will in turn help to relieve the stress on energy demand

By Vivek Shukla

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one among those technology trends that have had a long-lasting effect on the way we live and work. From changing the colour of your room's LED bulb in switching off the water tap through the click of an app, IoT has proven to be a disruptive technology that has changed our world.

With a growing population and urbanization, global energy consumption has rapidly increased over the last few decades. Utility companies all over the world are striving to bring efficiency in demand and supply optimisation, leakage detection and reducing demand. Implementing IoT can have a significant impact on the way energy is used and managed which will in turn help to relieve the stress on energy demand Over the last few years, IoT devices have emerged as a top choice for utility companies. Smart meters can regularly track consumption data, therefore, promoting energy awareness and energy efficient behaviour among users.

Here are five key ways in which IoT is shaping the future of utilities at home

IoT for Electricity: A smart meter can help avoid energy wastage by closely tracking and controlling the electricity consumption of the consumers. Through a smart meter, one can closely track where the energy is being used and by which device. Once you set up a smart meter, it can not only monitor consumption but also provides a holistic report on energy usage, conservation tips and the health of the appliances that are currently being used.

IoT for Water Management- Unlike a normal water meter, a smart water meter can measure consumption at a metering point and communicate to the central data servers in real time. It not only helps in recording consumption accurately but it also monitors water infrastructure in real time. Modern smart water meters can distinguish between normal and abnormal consumption by continuously monitoring the change in flow quantity and flow rates. The detailed consumption information helps the consumers alter their behaviour to bring in savings. Analysis of our customer data proves that apartment communities that have implemented individual metering have reduced their overall water consumption by 35%. Besides, they also save energy costs because lesser water than before is pumped to overhead distribution tanks. Less consumption also means less wastage of water resulting in multi-pronged savings.

If all high rise buildings that currently do not have any kind of metering adopt smart water metering solution it can result in tremendous savings, not only water but money.

IoT for Home Security: IoT can not only make your home smarter, but it can also make it a lot safer. An IoT based home security system can make surveillance of your house easier while you are away. One can remotely monitor all the devices, receive alerts in case of any trespass or be able to determine if there is a false alarm. It provides greater visibility for your home through real-time surveillance.

IoT for LPG Usage and Leakage: Nearly 80% of Indian households use LPG cylinders as cooking fuel. Monitoring the level of LPG in the cylinder and being aware of a leakage is a nagging problem that many households face. An IoT device can measure the cooking gas level and can send an alert on the user's smartphone in case of any leakage.

IoT for Home Automation: A smart home with connected devices can be comfortable and convenient for a homeowner. From smart switches to air quality control, IoT provides a sizeable range of possibilities in home automation. The idea of a smart home focuses on creating a living experience that is convenient, safe and stress-free.

Vivek Shukla

CEO & Co- Founder of SmarterHomes Technologies

About SmarterHomes: SmarterHomes Technologies is a Bangalore based automation startup that provides quick, easy and simple solutions for housing societies to adopt individual water metering. SmarterHomes’ core product ‘WaterOn’ is a robust solution that measures water consumption in individual apartments

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