5 Magical Augmented Reality Apps You Should Try

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Ah, Augmented Reality. I can't seem to get enough of it. The seamless way it works often without internet and saving me the time to type or provide any input is just fascinating. AR apps are often truly hands free – working on their own using just input from the camera. This is the part that fascinates me the most, how the intelligent programming does its job on the fly, without waiting or processing time. And it's getting more useful by the minute.


Here are my top five picks for Augmented Reality apps:


As someone who has problems doing basic mathematics or as an adult who fails to understand how or why to learn complex mathematics when calculators are invented decades ago, this app is a life saver. Just hover the camera over and get the results immediately – even complex equations and now basic gemotery. And they're constantly imporoving. It's great for calculation and even finding out the "steps" of the equation – great for homework cheating too!


Ever find a printed document, webpage or text somewhere and wondered what font it is? WOdner no more! Use this app to find out what font a certain text is just by hovering your camera over. Great for designers to match a clients request or duplicate something like you see it.

Color Identifier

Color Blindness or lack of vocabulary to prounce different shades of colors? This app is great to identify just that. You can also use it match different colors, again great in replicating designs and color schemes for certain materials.


Just hover your camera and measure the distance in real life without processing time of an object in the camera, with surprisingly accurate results. Its great to calculate for mathematical calculations like shifting objects, or even proving an argument.

Google translate

The best by far app to translate texts on the go without using Internet in practically all universal languages. Just hover your phone over and see the text translate into any language of your choice instantly without processing time.