Blockchain Trends In 2022: Launchpads, Play2Earn Games, NFTs And Metaverse Things which were until recently concepts without proof of working have become established frameworks

By Evan Luthra

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It's been over a decade now since the unknown person/group Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin Whitepaper. Since then, we've seen the rise of the first digital currency (which has gone on to be the apex cryptocurrency around), Bitcoin. Other things which were until recently concepts without proof of working have since become established frameworks.

Innovations like Launchpads, blockchain gaming and more recently play-to-earn games, NFTs and the Metaverse have been products of the initial concept which Satoshi Nakamoto pushed: the blockchain.


Crypto Launchpads came into existence because of the need to identify promising projects in their early stages and allow potential investors to participate in their presale rounds. These platforms (Launchpads) put projects through vetting processes to help filter out projects that are essentially rug-pulls and protect investors from investing in scam projects.

Harmony Launcher is a great example of a Launchpad. Built on the Harmony blockchain, it is the world's first decentralized IDO + IGO launchpad and incubator. Harmony Launcher provides a secure and hassle-free way for projects to launch on the Harmony network. Harmony's AMM DEX feature provides the necessary grounds for projects on the Harmony network to build, raise funds and launch successfully.

Blockchain Gaming

The gaming industry globally is showing clear signs that it will go past the $300 billion mark in the next five years. This is an industry that was valued at $173 billion as of September last year. And because the blockchain is the future of everything really, Developers have for the longest time thought of ways to bring gaming to the blockchain space and eventually, they succeeded. Today, there are hundreds of blockchain games you can play to relax and entertain yourself.

One blockchain game I'm betting on however is Immortal Games. This is the world's first blockchain-based game that has a utility token that issues useful, Chess-based authenticated Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The game comes with an in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell these tokens. Enhanced gamification and social engagement through the game of chess are the core of the entire project for the developers of Immortal Games. This game is designed with play-to-earn mechanics as players can earn rewards while playing the game. This leads me to the next subject of discussion, play-to-earn games.


There are over 2.7 billion people estimated to be gamers globally. It is estimated that in the next year, that number would be well over 3 billion. This is how fast the gaming industry's growth is. For the longest time, gamers have only ever played games solely for the fun of it. They spent their time, their efforts and most times, their money playing these games and the only people who ever benefited financially were the developers of these games.

This dynamic is changing. With the invention of play-to-earn games on the blockchain, the reward-sharing scale is shifting away from the side of the developers and balancing out by focusing more on the players now. However, despite the rise of these play-to-earn games, there are very few resources out there that educate and inform gaming enthusiasts, spectators and players on the state of the niche. This is where UpOnly comes in.

UpOnly provides comprehensive data on the play-to-earn market and it offers a decentralised infrastructure that allows spectators to leverage their insights into real-world value by betting on the outcome of play-to-earn games. Spectators will get diverse and valuable data and analytics on play-to-earn games, which helps them confidently bet on the outcomes of play-to-earn games and turn their activities in the space into a lucrative earning possibility.

NFT Marketplaces and the Metaverse

Our industry is an ever-evolving one and in 2021 the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space blew up. We saw NFTs sell for millions of dollars with a major one being the sale of Beeple's digital artwork for $69 million in March. Even though that sale was organised by the auction house, Christie's, hundreds of NFT transactions worth billions of dollars have been carried out on secondary NFT marketplaces. Platforms like PolkaFantasy (Japanese-themed NFT marketplace), YouClout (NFT marketplace with a TikTok — short videos — model), and ParaNFT (NFT platform for entertainers, Influencers and stars) are great examples of how vast and unique the NFT space is growing.

These NFTs are also being extended into the Metaverse (a virtual world built around augmented and virtual realities) which is set to be the next big thing, with tech giants Meta (formally Facebook) spearheading the charge to be the first-to-market for that space.


The crypto industry will continue to grow and new concepts will keep being floated. The potential is immense and to gain from this, actively) participating is all it takes. There are hundreds of opportunities to change your life and finance in this industry, you just have to be involved.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is subject to risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.

Evan Luthra is a Leading Blockchain Expert of 2022 by USATODAY. He has been building and investing in fast growing technology products since he was 13, building 30+ apps and selling his first company at 17. Most Recently he was honored as a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient.

The combined market cap of the 300+ companies that Evan has built and invested in via his Incubator Fund Startup Studio is in excess of $100B+ USD and they have tens of millions of users across dozens of countries. Evan is an equity investor into Hashgraph, Ripple and over 200+ token projects. Furthermore, Evan is NFT collector and holds 5 Bored Apes(BAYC), Xcopy and many more blue chips.

Evan has spoken at hundreds of events live including but not limited to TEDx talks, over 100+ blockchain specific events, United Nations Google, Nielsen and have done guest lectures at Delhi University, Washington State University, San Francisco State University and many more.

You can know more about Evan on

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