How AI & Machine Learning is Changing the Ed-tech World Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning is now the most relevant as well as new wave of learning when it comes to ed-tech

By Bhola Meena

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Technological prowess and availability of resources in the form of products, apps, and tools have become the cornerstones for education in the ed-tech world. Impressive advancement in the learning and teaching process has not only taken the world by storm but has also seamlessly integrated modern technology like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning into our pedagogy. While many experts believe this transformation is yet to enter the classroom, we believe otherwise. Today's students are termed as 'digital natives' who have been consuming and engaging with AI at a level that is inherently adaptive to their nature of education.

This wonderful amalgamation of technologies has redefined classrooms, schools, colleges and what not. From assisted learning methods to advanced educational tools, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning is now the most relevant as well as new wave of learning when it comes to ed-tech. With tailored and customizable learning experience to problem-solving, quality and convenient learning; they are the need of the hour. These modern technologies are even conveniently bridging boundary gaps by connecting millions of people that are thousands of miles apart by enabling them to come together to learn and hone their desired skill. But this is just not it.

An interestingly burgeoning question that people have wanted an answer to, is, whether AI will make teachers obsolete and leave them out of work? Well, the answer to that is definitely no. The role of teachers requires them to hone each and every student's distinct educational needs in the best way possible. Each student has its own learning needs and the most suitable teaching practice applied for one student is not likely to fit the rest .The adoption of AI and ML harnesses available data and algorithms to predict each students learning pace, understanding level, strengths and weaknesses in subjects and learning methods. They then adapt to each student's individual learning needs by analyzing their course, online worksheet, interactions, test scores and create a significantly unique and tailored pathway that is interactive and fun-filled. This tends to make the entire experience of teaching and learning increasingly engaging and livelier. Tasks like tutoring, grading, giving individual feedback are pretty cumbersome, and AI tends to take that burden off of them. This approach has delivered significant score improvement up to 35% for our students.

A rather significant number of students have recently taken the online route for studying as well as for preparing for competitive exams. These unaccountable examinations have their own, lessons, tutorials, question type, answering format, scoring and grading system. Most of these exams are held online and are extremely hard to crack. Ai generates personalised quality content that helps students perform better while giving academic examinations. They are able to enhance their learning, understand the syllabus better, get real-time performance opinion and ramp up their engagement along with boosting self confidence. With time these algorithms are becoming more powerful as students are adopting online learning platforms more. With deeper analysis and recommendation, many of users are spending more time on platform and in some cases it is even multi fold. Umpteen renowned online platforms today are doing their best to leverage this technology and make a difference in a student's level of education.

With the internet becoming part of life style utility and most of companies adopting AI and ML more, the industry is no longer fragmented. This newbie-friendly system has become part of core system and a success manual for those who don't know where to begin.

Bhola Meena

Founder & CEO, Online Tyari

Bhola Meena, a serial entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of, a mobile app platform (multi-lingual) providing a complete solution for online preparation for different competitive exams in India.

Apart from overlooking the entire operations and guiding and motivating the team, an ace at multi-tasking, Bhola continuously engages himself in business planning, product conceptualization and engineering management at

Being an entrepreneur by nature, he has been instrumental in giving wings to two other start-ups in the past in the internet space. He was a partner at—a destination for Hindi translation and English-Hindi learning and previously he co-founded and served as CTO for, one of the first three taxi-hailing apps in India. Prior to this, he was also associated with brands like Microsoft as IC and Technical Lead and Aricent Group as Software Engineer.

With a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur, Bhola has been constantly employing his skills and hard-earned the knowledge for giving momentum to online education in the country and bringing in innovations in the online education tech space.

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