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Sound Content Strategy Only Way to Combat the Competition Contents voice a brand of the company and the voicing should have the soul conveying the message in the right direction, for the right purpose

By Chirag Prajapati

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The trend that was set a decade ago to promote and sell products and services online brought a revolutionary change in the functions usually carried out by the marketing professionals. Hundreds of online companies came, did their business, tried to survive and somehow faded into the vacuum.

A time came when search engines were compelled to stream line the flow of the promotions in the form of contents on various media through which the companies were promoting their products. Not to that, many new branches like Strategic Content Planning and Marketing evolved with the passage of time.

A time came when businesses operating online needed to ponder over some of the "MUST to FOCUS' aspects related to their business. Here we go with some insights on these aspects.

1. A sound Contents Strategy is a stubborn weapon with you to combat the Competition:

Let me begin with the words of American writer Meg Rosoff.

"Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter or make well-shaped sentences. In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of your mind, your heart, your soul."

Keep well in mind that anything that you write just because you are assigned a task to pen on some subject and you just finish it off to reach the deadline or just to deliver your task is not the right way to say something about the product or service you are promoting. There should be a worth in it. Your content should be capable of touching the requirements of the reader.

So, in simple words, the contents voice a brand of the company and the voicing should have the soul conveying the message in the right direction and for the correct purpose. Yes, there must be some purpose or intent behind what you write. Otherwise, no matter how best your product might be, the path of your business will be like a snake and ladder game.

2. Work on Deep Expertise Rather than Wider Range:

As experts rightly say marketing is an ongoing process. Every marketer has either to relinquish the old and odd ones and innovate deep into the prevailing marketing methodologies.

In other words, it is not about the promoting on few commonly selected platforms, but it is about promoting on multiple channels with the help of a digital market having sound technical knowledge as such professionals can bridge the gap between the digital marketing strategy for your brand and the technical advancements.

There has been a noticeable shift of promoting your contents, irrespective of their forms from a simple write-up to 360 degrees VR presentations. This is the area where a fine blend between your digital marketer and a techie will bring about anticipated results.

3. Customer Orientation With an Accuracy of Data:

In the management theory, a school of thought holds the opinion that no decision is a right decision while the picture-perfect data and analysis make it possible to have a perfect decision about the customers you are going to deal with.

Just think about the situation back to a decade when a CEO was bound to make a provision for a basket full of money for the marketing without asking for an account for a single paisa whereas today, he can have the account for every single penny he is expending for!

In nutshell, no business can go without a fat budget for digital marketing and on the other hand, the same marketer return with bags full of money bringing a curve of a smile on the faces of the business owners - be it the business of construction, health, education, or even eateries. Prudent data analysis pays every penny back with fat returns.

4. Recognize the Evolving Trend of the Digital Competitors:

Observing, it is not a matter of the experience of marketing but it is the scope of the reach with available means. So the cost of the ignoring the increasing trend of the digital marketing will be too high to bear. There are a number of examples which have collapsed simply because they failed to recognize the significance of the companies coming up with a staunch team of digital marketing agencies.

The most important point is the reach of the companies who are marketing their products or services digitally. For example, few of us would have dreamt of the lightening success of the organizations like Zomato and Food Panda.

5. Digital Marketing is all About Setting the Things Right:

Many of the business owners believe that digital marketing means posting and pushing the campaigns online but it's not at all just about pushing a product or service with some contents-graphical or non-graphical. But it is all about rooting the product in the minds of people with precision and accuracy with the help of the visual or written contents that have some semantic relation with the product.

Sometimes, it is felt by the business owners,

"Oh! I'm not getting exactly the magic figure of sales I want" Or.

"Digital marketing is expensive and slow."

These feelings might be there and true to some extent but it is not the problem of the digital marketing but it is the problem that the guys must not have taken care of what is posted and circulated on social media platforms. Let me conclude with a beautiful explanation given by Seth Godin,

"Why use social media? Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell."

Chirag Prajapati

Co-founder, Digikonn

Chirag is a Co-Founder of Digikonn, a digital marketing company rendering their services in the areas of branding, contents strategic planning, digital marketing and conversation rate optimisation. Chirag, with an experience of 7+ year in the IT industry as senior digital marketer, has rendered his services to various industry verticals as a digital marketing consultant and thought provoking articles on various channels are there to his credit.
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