Why Digital Detox is a Good Idea For Entrepreneurs Taking a break from the tech world might affect a few hours of work but saves the entrepreneur from days of stress and anxiety

By Aastha Singal

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Nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit is not everyone's cup of tea because these hardworking people who sign the paycheck for hundreds and thousands every month work round the clock without a break. The stress and anxiety that comes with the need to stay connected and accessible at all times can be overwhelming at times. So much so that one just feels like logging off, altogether.

The question is, why don't they? Sure, technology has become an inextricable part of our lives but mental peace has some value right? Nonetheless, passion to achieve the professional goals often ends up taking a toll on the entrepreneurs' health which makes cutting the digital connection all the more crucial. Digital detox, in general, signifies refraining from using digital devices for a period of time.

"Digital stimuli in the form of email notifications, social media stamps and personal messaging applications all can trigger a feel-good chemical that makes distraction seem interesting," suggested Wakefit.co co-founder Ankit Garg. The content usage of digital devices takes a toll on the user's productivity and can create a vicious cycle of poor self-esteem when everyone else's life on social media seems artificially perfect when in reality it is not.

Not only does the break from technology help the entrepreneurs, who are otherwise constantly hounded by hundreds of notifications, to put certain things into perspective but also work on insightful ideas. Entrepreneur India brings you five key reasons for which every business leader should adopt digital detox:

Better Focus

Every time a notification pops on the screen, it works as a welcome distraction for even the busiest of souls to move away from what they are doing for checking what awaits their attention and getting sucked into the digital world. An entrepreneur who was determined to get crucial things done a few minutes back loses his/her focus with one ping noise.

Seemingly, it is good to switch off from the connected world and focus on the task at hand. "Tuning out of the digital world can help us focus better as it helps us look at solutions without the aid of a Google or a YouTube," said Rohit Raj, the co-founder and creative chief of The Glitch, adding that focusing our energies on one particular task gives birth to something new and creative.

Clarity of mind

Detaching oneself from the smartphones and emails for a while provides them with the time to take a breath of fresh air and relax without having to worry about attending to a video call or replying to a potential investor. Take your time away from the digital world to nurture and converse in the real world while achieving clarity, of thoughts and mind.

"The levels of demand and stress a mobile device can put on us forces us to be short-sighted and reactionary, it makes us real "modern-day firefighters'," enthused Benedict Hayes, the Executive Director, Ethinos Digital Marketing. Time and space away from the pressures of daily client need to help him solve the bigger and more directional problems that may be impeding the organization's movement forward.

Lower Stress Level

A study has signified that excessive use of computer and smartphone can be linked to stress, sleep disorders and depressive symptoms. As the businesses are going digitized, the time span one spends using both the devices exceeds the recommended duration, intensifying the mental health risks. In such a case, adopting digital detox is essential for entrepreneurs to have a healthy life balance.

Time away from the tech devices, without doubt, expands the horizons of one's work and improves his/her net real productivity and efficiency. Digital detox "improves the net real productivity and efficiency. There is a saying "a healthy mind resides in a healthy body" which suits best for higher productivity," shared Pulak Satish Kumar, the Chief Operating Officer of Puresight System.

Attention Span

Arianna Huffington had once said, "Burnout is the essential price of success," but another thing that the Huffington Post co-founder is popular for is unplugging from digital work life to indulge in practices like yoga. Her time away not only helped her concentrate better as a leader but increased her attention span multiple times.

"With a fresh mind and energized body your attention span improves and you are able to give more focus and attention on a task," added Kumar. Being hounded by hundreds of things at one time obviously divides your attention, reducing the time spent to understand and perform each task and notably, digital media and emails make up for a huge chunk those distractions.

Improved Productivity

Success has no association with lesser sleep but being socially active, it comes with innovative ideas and their efficient application, which can't happen without a clear head. Known for putting fewer efforts in sleeping and spending the entire day replying to emails, the serial entrepreneur Elon Musk is himself a big fan of digital detox. As much as it is unbelievable, the Tesla founder switches off his social media at the weekends.

"While entrepreneurs by definition are obsessed with their problem statement and their company, counter-intuitively, spending time away from the problem gives surprising insight and perspective," said Garg, adding, "One thing that I religiously follow is to mute all the devices after 10 pm for quiet around me and what I also tell my team is to respond to customer queries or calls only for restricted time."

Aastha Singal

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