Top #5 Bizarre Job Roles That Will Emerge in Future These jobs will create mass employment, provide work for the many people in offices, stores and factory floors displaced or disrupted by technology.

By Nidhi Singh

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There is an ongoing debate about how technology will take over the jobs in the future. The main concern of people is that robots will automate many routine jobs in each and every industry. Billionaire Businessman Mark Cuban this year warned on Twitter that robots will soon take away human jobs. He tweeted sharing a Medium article," Automation is going to cause unemployment and we need to prepare for it."

Technology is evolving at an exponential rate and we soon need to catch up with the rapidly changing trends. However, there is some good news. IT major Cognizant has released a report which shares 21 new jobs that will emerge over the next 10 years and will become cornerstones of the future of work.

"They're not science fiction – they're jobs your HR department will have to fill before very long. Some are highly technical, while others won't require much tech knowledge at all," the report stated.

As we prepare for a robot economy, Entrepreneur India takes a look at five completely new job roles that will be available in next ten years. These jobs will create mass employment, provide work for the many people in offices, stores and factory floors displaced or disrupted by technology.

Data Detective: Data Detective is a creative talented individual who will investigate the mysteries in the big data. The person will work with individuals and teams across the organization to generate meaningful business answers and recommendations from the investigation of data generated by the Internet of Things endpoints, devices, sensors, biometric monitors, traditional computing infrastructure, next-gen fog, mesh, edge, neural capabilities, etc. The successful candidate(s) will "go where the data is" and pursue what the data is saying.

Bring your own IT facilitator: This job position will require the applicant to fuse the shadow-IT operations with the digital workplace strategy. The ideal candidate will lead the creation of a work environment that exploits digital trends, encourages shadow-IT innovation and positions IT as a "preferred partner". The BYOIT facilitator will enable the entire workforce to work better and smarter at a known level of acceptable risk.

Ethical Sourcing Officer:

An ethical sourcing officer will lead ethical sourcing initiatives within our company. The person will ensure the company's indirect expenditure is allocated according to the standards set by the ethics board. The role covers three major categories of indirect ethical spend: energy, waste and community sponsorship.

Artificial intelligence business development manager:

The AI business development manager will define, develop and deploy effective and targeted programs to accelerate broad-based sales and business development activities. The candidate will work closely with sales, marketing and partner teams to position AI services for customers and partners. He/ She will also provide guidance on the value proposition and benefits achievable with the AI services, platforms, frameworks, and infrastructure.

Master of Edge Computing:

This job profile requires a candidate who will define the IoT roadmap, carefully evaluate the technical requirements and assess the feasibility of establishing the edge processing unit and measure the return on investments. The candidate will be responsible for creating, maintaining and protecting the edge computing environment.

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