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#4 Tips to Help Women Entrepreneurs Grow a Strong Personal Brand Don't worry about what people will think because if you do, u will create a fake personality and that's not being true to yourself

By Nidhi Singh

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Let's face it, for women entrepreneurs, personal branding is very important, no matter what industry they're in. It is a practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. If you are a woman who wants to reach new career heights then personal branding is your best bet. It can help in attracting potential clients, customers, job offers and new opportunities. However, making a strong first impression on various social media platforms is no cakewalk. Engaging content, self-promotion, credibility, and confidence are some of the basic elements of successful personal branding.

Entrepreneur India lists out a few important tips that can help women entrepreneurs build a great personal brand:

Sync Brand's Identity with Your Personality

Priyanka Bhargav, Head/ Associate Director, Consumer & Brand Research & Insights Myntra - Jabong, feels in today's world, women tend to scrutinize too many things, think too much and mull over things unnecessarily. She believes that women entrepreneurs should do what is in sync with their personality.

"So if a woman wishes to create a brand for herself, she just needs to go with the flow. Go with what's in sync with your personality traits. Go with what no one can take away from you, what you believe in and stand for, what's inseparable from you and lastly, with who you are," said Bhargav adding that it will further create a consistent, lovable and affable brand Social media is all about what you felt at the spur of the moment. It captures the moment of truth and you have to live the moment, enjoy it. Bhargava emphasized that women entrepreneurs should celebrate their strengths and flaws.

"Don't worry about what people will think because if you do, you will create a fake personality and that's not being true to yourself," she added.

Share Experience Online:

Our social media presence is increasingly being considered an extension of our personal identities and often defines how people and businesses perceive us.

Raka Khashu Razdan - Head, Marketing, CBRE India believes as a women leader, it is essential to invest some time in curating online presence to highlight strengths and also connect with others to cement and build your own network.

"Sharing experiences often encourages other women to find motivation and also helps find mentors by picking other's interests, thereby enhancing their distinctiveness within the community. Such relationships in the online space are essential in the present times to tap the right professional opportunities when businesses are operating at a supersonic speed," said Razdan.

She goes on to say that our real-life interactions must echo what we speak online to help us reinforce the impressions we would like to carve for ourselves.

"We must remember to complement our words with how we act in our everyday lives," she added.

Share Your Work With the World:

For Neelima Jain, Regional Head, UK & Europe, Energy Efficiency Services Limited, an individual's personal brand is built and maintained first and foremost by the evidence of his/her work and outcome of that effort.

"Doubling the effort to achieve the organization's objectives has enabled me to neutralize the gender divide in a technical field that is still predominantly male-dominated, even in mature markets. Commitment to this belief has enabled me to grow as an individual and a professional, today leading the establishment of my company's operations in the UK towards making this organization a formidable force for change in international energy efficiency markets," shared Jain.

Use Caution With Social Media:

In a world where the youth is so dependent on social media, everything posted online is not really private.

Bindu Menath Mendonsa, SVP and Head Women's and Men's Business, Myntra pointed out that one should be mindful of the profile pictures they use on social media.

"Be aware that this is visible to all and such a public image of yourself should be complimenting the personal brand that you are trying to create. Also, your posts, status updates, opinions or even what you share & forward creates a perception of you. What maybe alright at a personal level may not necessarily be conducive to the professional image that you are carefully trying to build. Hence, be very cautious with your posts," said Mendonsa.

Nidhi Singh

Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific

A self confessed Bollywood Lover, Travel junkie and Food Evangelist.I like travelling and I believe it is very important to take ones mind off the daily monotony .

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