The Global E-Commerce Conqueror: Dr. Somdutta Singh

Assiduus is an AI-powered global cross-border, cross-marketplace, e-commerce accelerator empowering brands to scale and sell on global e-commerce marketplaces

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Assiduus Global

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Dr. Somdutta Singh completed her management education in India before heading to the US for finishing higher studies. An MIT graduate, she started her career in the corporate sector after completing her studies. She always wanted to do something of her own might and didn't intend to follow in the footsteps of her doctor parents. She converted her passion and interests into her first venture, an ad-tech company. According to Singh, entrepreneurship in its truest sense does not have an end destination. Singh's mother always told her to never settle for less than her best. When it comes to problemsolving, her most effective approach is viewing problems through a lens of opportunity.

She never viewed a crisis as a distraction but rather as a strategic enabler for continuous improvement and opportunities previously unseen. Assiduus Global is her third entrepreneurial venture.

Assiduus is an AI-powered global cross-border, cross-marketplace, ecommerce accelerator empowering brands to scale and sell on global e-commerce marketplaces. The company has raised over $15 million in Series A to strengthen its global expansion footprint.

It was in 2018 when she was in the US scaling several D2C private labels she had created to sell on digital-first platforms like Amazon and Walmart. The brands helped her understand the key challenges of growing a brand beyond certain geography. There were regulations, integration, and language challenges because each platform behaves differently across geographies and is compelled to follow local laws and regulations and rules on data security, etc. She realized that crossborder was a huge challenge brands and business owners needed to overcome and selling online was an uphill task.

Assiduus Global has tech integrations with e-commerce marketplaces across the globe that gives brands the advantage of having a key partner. The company has access to tools, an understanding of the various search algorithms, and are familiar with the keywords and terms consumers use to search for specific products.

The pandemic's unprecedented challenges shifted the company's focus on broader corporate responsibility, incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion components into their entire objectives, plans, and policies. A gender-balanced field of candidates should be a goal for leaders. 50 per cent of the company's workforce is women.

"Failures do not exist; challenges do. We all experience moments of challenges and setbacks, but triumphs can only be experienced after overcoming some low moments," said Dr. Somdutta Singh, founder and CEO, Assiduus Global. "Singh believes the best way to taste success is to surround yourself with them, people who are amazing at life and who will encourage you to be amazing at it, too," advised Singh.

The future growth plan with Assiduus Global is to make it a billion-dollar revenue-generating e-commerce accelerator partner by 2025 powered by Assiduus' technology. The company generated $300mn in GMV for its clients. With a strong focus on India, Japan, SEA, the GCC, and the USA, they are integrated with more than 10 international marketplaces.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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