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Next-Gen Innovators

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs are making strides in promising areas--from nanotech to biotech to semiconductors. Will any of them build the next Microsoft?

The Right Spot

Whether you're looking to expand, relocate or simply stay put, our 12th annual Hot Cities report will give you the lowdown on the nation's most dynamic cities for entrepreneurs.


Almost Famous

├╝ber Trooper

This filmmaker's bold documentaries don't shy away from big issues.
Biz Travel

Lux Liners

Business-class-only airlines are trying to win your loyalty.

Believe It Seth

Godin twists strange tales into thoughtful advice.
Forward Features

The New World

The opportunities in Afghanistan are once-in-a-lifetime.
Forward Features

Check, Please

"Blank checks" make going public more palatable.
Forward Features

Phone Tag

Your customers may soon use their cell phones to find out prices--and much more.
Forward Features

Cover Me

Mandatory health insurance may be bad for business.
Forward Features

Back in Business

Japan's economy is picking up. Should your company explore the possibilities?
Forward Features

Seeing Double

Think two operating systems are better than one? You're in luck.
Forward Features

Looking Good?

Ease of hiring improves, but SMB salaries are up.
Forward Features

That's So '80s

Entrepreneurs revive hit products of the past.
Forward Features

Future's So Bright

Put on your shades to check out an inner-city entrepreneurship program and one of its stars.

Buying Power

How to give Generations X and Y what they want.

Easy Pickings

Packed with features, these cars stand out.

Baby Boom

Older, more affluent moms are inspiring a burgeoning business trend.
Big Ideas

Change Agent

Providing urban marketing know-how to corporate America, this entrepreneur moves to his own beat.
Brain Storm

Power Players

Entrepreneurs are becoming the front-runners of innovation.

Food for Thought

Got a great food idea? Submit it directly to Kraft.
Hot Trend

Eye on the Prize

Are you trying to develop the next big thing? Enlist help from bright minds outside your company by throwing in a prize.
Innovation Snapshot

On the Move

Simplifying a complicated mass transit system was no easy task--but it's what put this entrepreneur on the fast track to success.
Global Village

Book It

5 global business books you need to read.
Lead Buzz

Payback Time

Think interns are free labor? That could be changing.
Lead Snapshot

Instant Classics

A toy company breaks from the more-is-better mind-set and returns to vintage characters.

Toppling Trolls

Patent trolls take a hit in a Supreme Court ruling.
Smart Moves

Got Skills?

Corporate volunteering is becoming less about envelope stuffing and more about letting employees apply their specific skills.
Staff Smarts

Nest Egg Nudge

Add value to your business with an employee retirement plan.
Dollar Signs

Pick and Choose

Big banks are competing for your business. How can you decide which one is best for you and your company?

Canada's Calling

Canadian fund lets investors tap natural resources.

Rest in Peace

Ensure company longevity with life insurance policies.
Money Buzz

Safe Spending

Small business credit card users now have more protection.
Money Buzz

The Tic Tax Advantage

Form a partnership to invest in property.
Money Buzz

Privacy, Please

Potential changes in IRS rules could leave you exposed.
Personal Finance

Balancing Act

Hybrid securities are becoming increasingly common, but weigh your options before you decide to invest.
Raising Money

Keen On Green

VC firms across the country are seeing green in the growing number of environmentally friendly products and companies.
Rich Returns

Hear This

Are you in tune with your front line?

Bridging the Gap

Donations keep this company alive, while it keeps the hospitalized in touch with loved ones.
Tax Talk

Steer Clear

How you can avoid paying the AMT now and later.
Real Deal

Raving Mad?

Anger can help in negotiation, but be sure to use it wisely.
Retail Register

Living Dolls

Are sales standing still? Get your merchandise moving.
Sales Success

Animal Instincts

Ever feel like your sales team is a zoo? Turns out that's not a bad thing.
Sell Buzz

Woman's Work

Marketing to high-powered women
Sell Buzz

Keep Track of Phone Calls

Contact management software with a twist.
Sell Snapshot

Drink Up

One entrepreneur is using a small sticker to build a big following for his company.

Cheer Leaders

You're all fired up about your company's products and services, so make sure your employees are, too--and that they let everyone know it.
Biz 101

Diary of a Startup

Despite a few obstacles, our young entrepreneur is fit for launch.
Biz 101

A Slice of the Upper Crust

Service providers find a niche offering convenience and class.
Biz 101

Loan Lesson

Is convertible debt the way to go?
Biz U

Family Ties

There's more than one type of family you can turn to for support.
eBay Entrepreneur

Go Global

EBay's international shipping and payment options put the whole world in your hands.

Go Figure

For one couple, finding the right franchise match was as easy as 1, 2, 3.

New Beginnings

A tragic event helped a franchisee discover the sweet life.

What's New

A franchise with character is coming your way.
Smart Ideas

Smart Ideas 09/06

Fashionable fanny packs, charter jets and music school.
Startup Features

Show Me the Way

Learn from the franchising legends who have built some of today's biggest brands.
Startup Features

Got a Minute?

In the time it takes you to drink your morning coffee, you can start a business.
Success Coach

Just Play It Cool

Does it always feel like you've got a million things to do at once? Take a step back--sometimes procrastinating pays off.
Buyers Guide

Race to the N

We took today's draft-n hardware out for a spin. See how it performed.

Hit the Jackpot?

For once, a cell tax is being lifted. But don't count on such future luck.
Digital Edge

Not-So-Rough Draft

The latest draft of Wi-Fi isn't final--but that doesn't mean it's no good.
Net Profits

The Good Fight

Outsmart the bad guys with these anti-fraud tactics for your site.
Net Profits

Peer Pressure

Online reviews by your customers can turn browsers into buyers.
Net Sales

Forms of Fear

Your web forms could be scaring away potential customers.
Tech Buzz

Local Time

Discover the benefits of local online advertising.
Tech Buzz

Lucky Number 7

Internet Explorer 7 is finally here.
Tech Buzz

Think Links

The road to link popularity.
Tech Snapshot

Turn a Prophet

The outlook is good for a pair of software creators harnessing Microsoft's might.

Spy Games

Wi-Fi network jammed? This tool exposes the culprits.
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