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Burger King to Sell Healthier Fries Called 'Satisfries'


is rolling out new fries that reportedly cut down on fat and calories.

The chain claims that the new fries – which are crinkle-cut and called 'Satisfries' – have 40 percent less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than McDonald's French fries on a pound for pound basis. But customers beware – a "small" order at McDonald's actually contains fewer fries and therefore fewer calories (about 230) than a small order of Satisfries at Burger King, which contains 270 calories. A small order of classic French fries at Burger King has 340 calories.

The burger chain reports that it has been able to cut down on calories by using a new batter that doesn't absorb as much oil, according to the Associated Press. Burger King executives have thus far declined to specify the exact changes put in place, except that the same ingredients are used, simply in different proportions. The company will still sell its classic fries as well as its limited-time offering of sweet potatoes fries.

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Given that the fries are being marketed as tasting similar to Burger King's classic fries, it might seem logical that the company just scrap its classic fries altogether. But sometimes customers just want to stick to the classics. In 2002, Burger King debuted "Shake "em up Fries," accompanying fries with seasoning packets in a product that didn't last long.

Additionally, the different cut gives customers more options and gives Burger King the chance to raise the price of fries. The suggested price of a small order of Satisfries is $1.89, 30 cents more than a small classic fries.

Burger King is aggressively promoting Satisfries over social media. The hashtag-friendly name is a promoted trend on . In more guerilla marketing tactics, men carrying several foot-long replicas of the crinkle-cut fries inscribed with #WTFF ("What The French Fry") appeared in the background of the Today Show this morning.

The announcement of Satisfries comes on the heels of another Burger King French fry offering of the French Fry Burger – an item on the dollar menu that puts both a beef patty and French fries between the burger's buns.

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